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First mentioned in chapter 1275 when Shi Feng went to commission the construction of the Guild City in the Witch's Hill. It was finished in chapter 1520 and open to the public in chapter 1563


Zero Wing City was built in the neutral land, Witch's Hill, surrounded by Level 70 monster areas. Using the City Building Order, Shi Feng built the town on top of a mountain in an easily defended location. Due to the difficult terrain, he had to pay a total of 192,000 Gold (a construction fee of 152,000 Gold, a 30,000 Gold registration fee, and the guards hiring fee.) On top of that, there is a 30,000 monthly management fee.

Zero Wing City's Mana was 30% denser than in Stone Forest Town due to the construction of the Four Towers of Elements in the city center. Players could enjoy double the recovery rates when resting in hotels, under the towers' influence, but the Double EXP buff's accumulation rate would also double. With this, Zero Wing City's normal hotels were even more effective than 1-star Private Rooms in Guild Residences.[3] When players enter Zero Wing's residence, they would accumulate the Double Exp buff more effectively, up to 30% compared to the 20% cap for those in the city. [4]

The city still has a daily player traffic that exceed 6,000,000 despite being in a lower-leveled map. [5]

After moving the city to the Level 140 neutral map, Arctic Canyon Shi Feng decided to auction 1,000,000 entry slots to the city. [6]


Zero Wing City has magically strengthened stone walls as well as a magic barrier surrounding the city. Due to the city occupying a mountain peak, the city has an unobstructed view of the scenery on the map. There is a waterfall in the nearby hillside, creating a memorable scene for all the players who enter the city.

Prominent Locations[]

  • Zero Wing Guild Residence - It is possible to fit there 50,000 players.
    • More than 4,000 NPCs visit the residence daily to commission Guild Quests, including Baron ranked NPC nobles.[7]
    • There are Secret-Silver Personal Guard who guard the Guild Leader's office.[7]
  • Zero Wing’s Guild Hall - it is a 30-story-tall building almost 200 meters high [8]
  • Four Towers of Elements -
  • Advanced Restaurant -
  • City Lord's Mansion - The City Lord's Mansion in Zero Wing City was located in the heart of the city.
  • Mana Tower
    • Increases the Mana Density in the city, more than three times in comparison to 5 Magic Towers
    • With mana towers teleportation function can cover a larger distance. After construction, players can teleport into the Orc Empire from Zero Wing City.
  • 3-star NPC Merchants' Shops[9]
  • War God's Temple - After reaching 8,000,000 player population.
  • Residence for the Zero Wing's Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance [10]

Prominent Items and Products[]

City core - Evil God Crystal

  • Increases the mana power in the city.

Incomplete World Mirror - bound to core magic array[11]

  • Give ability to move a Guild City to any desired location[12]
  • Incomplete World Mirror bound to the core magic array of a Guild City, the said Guild City would be immediately promoted to Basic Main City[13]
  • A complete World Mirror could elevate a Guild City to the status of an Advanced Main City[14]
  • One of the conditions for promotion to Holy City is the World Mirror’s protection[15]

Twelve-array Magic World

  • Uses a Evil Demon King’s Heart (Inferior Divine Artifact material) as its core
  • Perception of Mana had improved by at least 150%
  • Barrier Array able to cover a Main City because of the use of the Evil Demon King's Hear. Usually only able to cover a basic City.

Teleportation Hall - After becoming a Main city, linked to Sky Spring City

City Conscription Order



  • Protection period - The city entered a 21-day protection period. Shi Feng decided to hire 800 elite guards, 150 Tier 1 guards, and 50 Tier 2 guards and 5 Tier 3 guards(cost: 21,000 Gold).
  • As of chapter 1558, Zero Wing City has 62 (2-star NPC Merchants) and 2 (3-star NPC Merchants)
  • Players who enter the city have to pay a 60 Copper entrance fee[16]
  • 10 of the Tier 2 soldiers in the city are equipped with Bronze War God Emblem[17]

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