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First mentioned in chapter 90 : "The Workshop's name is Zero Wing. It means that everything has to start out from zero and to spread your wings and soar."

Zero Wing is founded by Shi Feng in his new life. With the focus on quality over quantity, the guild follows the path of the elite.

After Zero Wing's repeated display of strength against Beast Emperor, Miracle Guild, and other superpowers. They have obtained the complete Guild Legacies of the Secret Pavilion and Netherworld Empire, allowing them to be considered as a Super Guild by any metric.[7] They were then further recognized as a bona fide super guild able to rival the Five Super Guild.

After 2918, Zero Wing became the undisputed number one Guild in God’s Domain.

Guild Information[]

Zero Wing is a guild that was started in the early days of God's Domain and slowly grew in both power and status, proving themselves to be a powerhouse even against many established Guilds and Teams.

Zero Wing is renowned for its strict recruitment standards, as they have chosen to follow the path of the elite, focusing the guild's resources on a select bunch of people, allowing them to achieve their greatest potential. As the story progresses, the criteria to join Zero Wing increases due to more applicants. The current criteria are: Elite members have to reach the middle stage of the Trial Tower's fifth floor and Core Members have to reach the middle stage of the sixth floor.[8]

Most members begin as a normal member and have to work their way up the ranks to qualify for the elite teams, legion, reserve forces, and even the main force.[9] Qualification comes in the form of promotion tests that occur periodically, which compares one's progression in the Trial Tower, one's combat performance among other criteria. No one is exempted from this test, even if they enter based on the personal recommendation of the guild, and even Shi Feng.[10]

Members in the guild can be differentiated by the glow from their emblems. Elite member's emblem emits a light blue glow. Core members have a light purple glow, while the top ten of their class would receive a dark purple glowing emblem.[11]

Guild Ownership and Shares[]

note: Secret Chamber of Commerce got the share only as a guarantee for Candlelight Trading's basic membership of the chamber of commerce. Zero wing vice versa has 1% share of Secret Chamber of Commerce as a guarantee. This regulated and agreed to protect both parties' interests

Member Benefits[]

In its initial stage of development, members would be access to most features of the Guild's Residence, Guild's Treasury, and other features by using their Guild Contribution Points (GCPs). In order to gain GCPs, members can participate in guild related activities (quests, missions, wars, etc) or by trading in weapons and equipment, tools and items to the treasury. As an added benefit for elite members and above, they are allowed to purchase private housing in the various Guild Towns and Cities.

After the guild had established themselves as a powerhouse and more members flocked to join them, new requirements were introduced to identify the benefits each member would receive. The contribution of each member would be recorded and it would be the defining factor, instead of one's combat power. If members fail to obtain the quota of guild-related achievements and GCPs required of their rank, they would be demoted by their rank. Members are also at risk of expulsion from the guild if they fail to fulfill a reserve member's quota, no matter their strength [14]

The guild received 20 access passes to the Secret Pavilion's simulated training program. These passes are only accessible to the main force in order to develop them.

After acquiring Ouroboros' old training ground, Zero Wing was able to take over the entire building, obtaining their own virtual training system, more rooms, and facilities for their members, etc. The building had 133 floors and was filled with facilities such as offices, training areas, entertainment areas, and rest areas. Each member would receive their own living space which was much better than their cramped living space in Greenwater Villa.

After creating the Candlelight Chamber of Commerce, they had received a full Refinement Realm Legacy from Shining Tiger, the training data of Flowing Water Realm experts, and access the training facilities from Unyielding Soul, many of the main force members were able to train and improve themselves. [15]

When the guild was promoted to a 4-star Guild, they received the following benefits: [16]

  • Guild Emblem (Mysterious-Iron Rank) - Provides an increase of 2% to all Basic Attributes, Attack Power, Defense, and Exp Gain, when six or more Guild members are within 150 yards.
  • Guild Battle Flag (Bronze Rank) - When planted in an area, all Guild members within 200 yards will receive a 10% increase to all Attributes for five minutes

When the guild was promoted to a 1-star Honorary Guild, they received the following benefits: [17]

  • Receive more high-ranked quests from NPC nobles
  • All guild members would receive a 5% boost to their Basic Attributes and Exp earned in the Star-Moon Kingdom

Guild Leadership[]

Leader Guild Leadership
Shi Feng Guild Leader
Aqua Rose Vice-Guild Leader
Gentle Snow Vice-Guild Leader
Cold Shadow Vice-Guild Leader
Blue Frost Vice-Guild Leader (District One Branch)
Blackie Manager of ZW Workshop
Melancholic Smile Manager of Candlelight Trading Firm
Youlan Manager of Candlelight Trading Firm
Liang Jing Manager of Candlelight Trading Firm
Fire Dance Commander of Main Force


As the story progresses, they were various updates about the members of Zero Wing:

  • As of chapter 640+, there were over 300 Dark Gods Legion with 600 in reserved. There are also 100 Core expert in which the top 30 of the core expert has a chance to be invited to the Zero Wing Workshop in the real world.
  • As of chapter 1898, there were over 600 Tier 2 Players due to the usage of the Primordial City's Primordial Soul. This number surpassed most superpowers at the point of the story.
  • As of chapter 2016, Zero Wing was able to gather over 1,000 Tier 2 Shield Warriors and Berserkers who were converted into Giant players.
  • As of chapter 2183, most of the Guild's experts player had reached Level 70, and there were 43 Refinement Realm experts, 1 Flowing Water Realm expert (Fire Dance), and 1 Domain Realm expert (Shi Feng).
  • As of chapter 2216, Zero Wing had 86 Refinement Realm and 7 Flowing Water Realm experts and 2 domain realm experts (Shi Feng and Yan Tianxing).
  • As of chapter 2303, Zero Wing had more than 100 Refinement Realm experts,
  • As of chapter 2317, 26 Main Force members had entered the Truth Realm, with both Yan Tianxing and Yi Luofei entering the Ascension Realm. Alluring Summer, Silent Blade, Shadow Sword, Stubborn Bone, and Zhao Yueru had broken through to Flowing Water Realm [18]
  • As of 2378, 24 Main Force members completed their Tier 3 Class Promotion Quest, they were: Cola, Shadow Sword, Yan Tianxing, Yi Luofei, Silent Blade, Alluring Summer, Youlan, Stubborn Bone, Zhao Yueru, Turtledove, Blackie[19], Ye Wumian[20], Flying Shadow[20]. The other 11 were not named[21]. Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, and Violet Cloud were not part of this group as they had entered the Tower of Four Gods.
  • As of 2439, there were more than 50 Tier 3 players in the guild.
  • As of 2667, there are 100 plus Tier 3 reserve main force members defending Silverwing Town in the guild.
  • As of 2864, there are more than 800,000 Tier 3 players and 73 Tier 4 players in the guild
  • As of 2918, there are 9 tier 6 experts

Zero Wing 16 Great Experts: Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, Yan Tianxing, Yi Luofei, Silent Blade, Alluring Summer, Cold Shadow, Crimson Mask, Ji Luorong, Lifeless Thorn, Blue Frost, Zhao Yueru, White Feather, and Invincible Swallow.[22]

Name / Account Name Class Realm of Refinement & Truth Team Position/Job
Shi Feng / Ye Feng Tier 6 Swordsman /

Blade Saint

Domain Realm

Ascension Realm

Guild Leader
Aqua Rose Tier 6 Cursemancer /

Sea God Legacy

Beyond the Domain Realm

Ascension Realm 

Vice Guild Leader
Youlan Tier 3 Summoner /

3-Star Merchant

Refinement Realm Core Member / Firm Management
Yaya Summoner/

1-Star Merchant

Main Guild Assistant Manager
Fire Dance Tier 6 Assassin Domain Realm

Ascension Realm

Commander of the Main Force
Blackie / Black Cloud Tier 3 Cursemancer Refinement Realm Main Team / Workshop Management
Cola Tier 3 Guardian Knight /

Dragon Slayer Knight

Refinement Realm

Ascension Realm 

Chief MT of the Main Team
Yan Tianxing Tier 6 Assassin Domain Realm

Ascension Realm

Main Force
Yi Luofei Tier 4 Elementalist Void Realm

Ascension Realm

Main Force
Ye Wumian Tier 3 Shield Warrior Half-step Refinement Realm Main Force
Yu Qiaoqiao / Turtledove Tier 3 Guardian Knight /

Sea God Apostle

Half-step Refinement Realm

Ascension Realm [23]

Main Force
Violet Cloud Tier 6 Cleric / Astromancer Void Realm

Ascension Realm 

Main Force
Alluring Summer Tier 5 Elementalist /

Dragon Slayer Mage

Flowing Water Realm

Ascension Realm [24]

Main Force
Rampant Blade Tier 2 Berserker Half-step Refinement Realm Main Force
Minor Wind Tier 2 Ranger Refinement Realm

Truth Realm

Main Force
Ice Queen Su Qianliu Elementalist Main Force
Sentimental Memories Ranger Main Force
Flying Shadow Tier 3 Assassin Half-step Refinement Realm Main Force
Fu Jinghong / Shadow Sword Tier 3 Berserker /

Sea God Apostle

Flowing Water Realm

Ascension Realm [25]

Main Force
Stubborn Bone Tier 3 Berserker Flowing Water Realm

Half-step Truth Realm

Main Force
Seven Light Tier 2 Swordsman Refinement Realm

Half-step Truth Realm

Main Force
Remnant Cloud Tier 2 Shield Warrior Refinement Realm

Half-step Truth Realm

Main Force
Graceful Moon Tier 2 Summoner Half-step Refinement Realm

Half-step Truth Realm

Main Force
You Ziping / Silent Blade Tier 3 Berserker Flowing Water Realm Main Force
Thoughtful Rain Tier 2 Elementalist / witch Refinement Realm Core Member / Top Ten Elementalist
Blue Bamboo Tier 2 Cleric Refinement Realm Core Member / Top Ten Clerics
Happy Wind Tier 2 Traveling Bard Refinement Realm Expert Member
Drowsy Sloth Oracle Founding Member

Expert Member

Gluttonous Mouse Summoner Founding Member

Expert Member

Lonely Snow Berserker Founding Member

Expert Member

Water Buffalo Berserker Founding Member

Expert Member

Carefree Wind Elementalist Member of Dark Gods Legion [26]
Cool Breeze Assassin Member of Dark Gods Legion [27]
Virtuous Cloud Shield Warrior
Dark Eye Berserker Core Member
Shadow Chaser Assassin Reserve Elite
Blood Rain Oracle Reserve Elite
Luo Yiyi Druid Reserve Elite
Icy Fruit Cleric
Snow Goose


Members of Black Dragon Branch
Gentle Snow Tier 6 Berserker / Holy Warrior Beyond the Domain Realm

Truth Realm

Vice Guild Leader
Zhao Yueru Tier 4 Elementalist / Flame Shaman Flowing Water Realm Main Force
Fierce Snake Berserker Refinement Realm Core Member
Negative Life Ranger Core Member
Xiao Yue'er Cleric Core Member
Wind Mill Summoner Core Member
Wild Bone Shield Warrior Core Member

Personal Guards[]

Aside from Anna and Kite, the guild has 28 Fine-Gold Personal Guards (If they were provided enough resources, Fine-Gold Guards could have up to a 40% chance of completing their promotion to Tier 5). Currently Tier 3 NPCs which were promoted via the Ancient God's Literature Fragment - Page V. [29]

War Weapons, Ships, Tanks, Combat Puppets and Mobile Fortresses[]


Flying Ships[]

  • 8 Crimson Dragon Flying Ship [35][36]
    • It used to be 9, but one Shi Feng sold to Lionheart, leader of Skyflare adventure team for 10,000 Titan Silver ingots, 1,000 Magic Elven Stones, and 1,000 Seven Luminaries Crystals[37][38]
  • Grey Thunder Flying Ship
    • This forging design was obtained by Shi Feng by trading a lost Imperial heirloom to the Tier 5 Wizard Saint guarding Star-Moon Kingdom's 3 Kingdom heirlooms, as well as paying double the monetary cost of the design itself.

War Tanks[]

Combat Puppets[]

Mobile Fortresses[]

Guild Mines and Special Buildings[]


Special Buildings[]


Allies Class Guild / Team Chapter
Imperial Thunder Ranger Sharp Arrow Team 284
Lifeless Blade Berserker Sharp Arrow Team 284
Phoenix Rain Elementalist Phoenix Pavilion
Yuan Tiexin Secret Pavilion
White Night Ranger Owl 878
Bloodsucker Berserker Raven
Bloodfang Raven
Endless Scars Elementalist Midnight Tea Party 1112
Mu Lingsha Unyielding Soul
Unyielding Heart Berserker Unyielding Soul
Illusory Words Cleric Crimson Emperor 1892
White Autumn Giant's Heart 2362


Enemies Class Guild Chapter
South Wolf Underworld 156-282
Feng Xuanyang Berserker Underworld 156
Brilliant Wargod Shield Warrior Twilight Echo 182
Lone Tyrant Guardian Knight Dark Star
Overlord War Bear Berserker World Dominators 242
Red Feather Star Alliance 349
Laughing Heaven Overwhelming Smile
Nine Dragons Emperor Ranger Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion
Lu Xingluo Starlink
Tiger Breaker Dark Soul 1792
Blood Oath Berserker War Blood Adventurer Team 2285


After being reincarnated, Shi Feng decides to create his own workshop and guild - Zero Wing - with the first members being Blackie and himself. Although doubtful at first, Blackie committed himself to aiding Shi Feng to establish the workshop and guild, by recruiting members and managing the administrative aspect.

Although Shi Feng did not immediately create his guild, he was looking out for potential talents and recruiting them for his dungeon party. These party members would become the founding members of the guild. Under his tutelage and assistance, they would grow to become experts in God's Domain. These members include Blackie, Cola, Violet Cloud, Drowsy Sloth, Lonely Snow, Gluttonous Mouse, Fire Dance, Water Buffalo.

Shi Feng first mentions the name of his guild in chapter 90, but the guild isn't created until chapter 244.

After recruiting Aqua Rose and her subordinates in, Shi Feng finally had the numbers to form his own Guild.[50] He submitted a request to the Adventurer's Association and 'Zero Wing' was formed![51] When Aqua Rose had brought her subordinates to the Starstreak Trading Firm's meeting room, there were anxious to find out which superpower Black Flame belonged to. But to their surprise, there were only nine members in the guild, they were disappointed that it was an upstart guild. However, Shi Feng's message of depending on one's own performance to establish their Guild and build their power from the ground up. Confident in the financial resources of Black Flame, the member's fighting spirit was ignited but some still had their doubts.

When Shi Feng turned their attention to the White River City's Ranking List, they were shocked to find that the top eight positions had been taken by Blackie and the rest. This was sufficient to prove their strength as a guild with experts and bring fame to the guild.

When Gentle Snow managed to finish negotiation with the other stakeholders, she was able to obtain 100% shares of the Ouroboros' old training ground. After informing Shi Feng, he got the entire workshop to move with him while setting the Jin Hai's City as their branch workshop for the recruitment of potential talent. Previously, due to the limited space that the workshop had, they had to cut off existing members for promising new recruits. With this move, they were now capable of accommodating more internal members, hiring more management, and Lifestyle players.


  • Violet Cloud was the first to unlock her Mana Body beyond 100%
  • Acquired the complete Refinement Realm Training simulation from Shining Tiger [52]
  • Acquired 10 slots for Unyielding Soul Flowing Water Realm Training Simulation
  • Acquired the Void Realm Training simulation from Azure Chamber of Commerce [53]
  • Acquired 20 Black Cards from Secret Pavilion for there Complete Domain Training simulation
  • Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose are said to have experienced 80 years in endless slaughter and combat [54]

Wars & Battles[]

Zero Wing vs Dark Star and World Dominators

Zero Wing vs Overwhelming Smile

Zero Wing vs Dragon Pavilion - (Chapter 547 to 558)

  • Dragon Pavilion led 100 War Dragon Legion which are in Half Step Refinements led by Martial Dragon a Domain Realm experts. They also deployed the 10,000 Blood Legion. Dragon Pavilion Attacked the Guild Residence of Zero Wing, Zero Wings deployed 30,000 of its members and over 50 Common and Tier 1 NPCs.
  • Battle results: Kite and Shi Feng together killed Martial Dragon and killed half of the War Dragon Legion. Half of the 10,000 Blood Legion are also killed. Zero Wings lost almost all of its 30,000 members only the core members who are Tier 1 remained after the attack.

Zero Wing and Ouroboros vs Star Alliance, Flower of Seven Sins, Twilight Echo, Overwhelming Smile  (Chapter 728 to 752)

  • Star Alliance led 100,000 of its experts together with the combined 100,000 members of the Overwhelming Smile and other guilds to attack Zero Wings Stone Forest City. Zero Wings deployed 10,000 experts together with 300 Dark Gods Legion and 100 Core Experts. Ouroboros allied with Zero Wings led 70,000 experts to help Zero Wings. Flower of Seven Sins deployed 50 assassins which consist of 30+ Refinement Realm, 10+ Flowing Water Realm and 1 Void Realm to kill the 100 core experts of Zero Wings.
  • Battle Results: Shi Feng killed the Void Realm expert from Flower of Seven Sins and together with the 100 core experts of the zero wings killed all of the Flower of Seven Sins assassins. From the 100 core experts, only 70 remains in Zero Wings. Star Alliance and other guilds who attacked the 300 Dark Gods Legion and 10,000 experts from Zero wings are almost annihilated.

Zero Wing vs Blackwater, Pantheon, Heaven's Burial and Beast Emperor (start-1049/end-1100)

  • Blackwater had dispatched 200,000 elite members, Heaven's Burial 50 000 elite members, Pantheon 3 legions, Beast Emperor 200 000 monsters with lowest-leveled among them was Level 60(3-Mythic monsters, Grand lords, Great lords...) and over 100 one-horned humanoid monsters(20 were Great Lords while the rest were High Lord rank.). They also had 17 Tier-3 summoning scrolls, 3 cannons and, tier 4 curse scroll(Space Smasher) and Magic Barrier Stones(To put Shi Feng inside the barrier).
  • Zero Wing had only 20 000 elite members (Near the end of the war the number increased) and NPC soldiers, and guards. They also had 8 Tier-3 summoning scrolls, three Magic towers (In the beginning one), Four Defensive Turrets, Five Miniature Ballistas, Nine-star Polar Domain, Double Protection Barrier and Divine Beast's Descent(Summon Divine Dragon(Elemental Creature, Mythic)).
  • Result: Zero Wing obtained plenty of monster materials from 200 000 monsters(2,428 Evil Energy Crystals and Rare materials...), even after taking into account the weapons and equipment Zero Wing's members lost in the war, they had netted an additional 114,633 pieces of weapons and equipment(The most inferior items were Level 35 Bronze Equipment with even Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment in the mix.). They also got 28 items from Lancelot's corpse(Among the 28 items Lancelot had dropped, twenty were Epic materials. Of the remaining eight, three were Epic Weapons and pieces of Equipment: a cloth armor headdress, a staff, and a pair of plate armor bracers. As for the five remaining items, two were Tier 4 Magic Scrolls, two were designs, and the last one was the Town Promotion Order).

Zero Wing vs Abandoned Wave[Evil God Apostle](start-1336/end-1347)

  • Abandoned Wave had dispatched 500,000 Evil Beasts(elites, super-elites, 40,000 Level 60-plus Chieftains, 3,000-plus Lords, 200-plus Great Lords, 40-plus Grand Lords and five Level 70, Mythic) and 6,000 Evil Demon
  • Zero Wing had 40 000 members in town. They also had 73 Miniature Ballistas (with 200,000 Exploding Arrows), 2 Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons, movement-type, defensive magic array, 2 000 NPC guards, 1000 adventure association's NPC's, Hero - Gilbert, 3 Tier-4 Divine Dragon
  • Result: Zero Wing annihilated every evil beast and evil demon. Shi Feng also sealed Abandoned Wave. In the end, he killed grand lord that Beast Emperor summoned and obtained Evil God Crystal.

Zero Wing vs Heaven's Burial: Frozen Scar (Chapter 1390 to 1395)

  • When the forces of both guilds met at Frozen Scar, Shi Feng initialed a Guild War.
  • Heaven's Burial had 20,000 members and Zero Wing had 1,200 experts.
  • Result: Zero Wing emerged victorious after killing more than half of Heaven's Burial forces and Singular Burial, their Guild Leader. Zero Wing only lost 300 experts.

Zero Wing vs Heaven's Burial, Blackwater and Beast Emperor (start-1686/end-1697)

Before this war Zero Wing had a financial war against Heaven's Burial(subsidized by money from Blackwater). War of wealth ended unclear, although Shi Feng destroyed Heaven's Burial's main money-making town.

  • Heaven's Burial had gathered over 300,000 members before Stone Forest Town. Although only around 170,000 of them were elite members, and the rest were normal members, the normal members were not to be underestimated. Even the weakest among them was Level 45. Furthermore, Heaven's Burial had the support of a large force of Evil Demons. Counted over 100,000 of these monsters. Blackwater had dispatched 6,000 experts and eight Catapults.
  • Zero Wing had around 100 000 players in town and 3 Baphomets (Mythical monster/High Demons) . They had also a few hundreds of Miniature Ballistas.
  • Result: The battle lasted around 20 minutes. Zero Wing annihilated all the Mythic ranked monsters and a vast majority of players and monsters. Due to Baphomet's soul attacks. players who died under it received a higher death penalty. Shi Feng obtained Evil God's Eye after killing one of the Mythic ranked Evil Demon..

Zero Wing vs Starlink: 10,000 vs 10,000 (Chapter 2223 to 2232) [55]

Both Guilds sent out 10,000 experts to participate in the battle. Even though Starlink overwhelmed Zero Wing in quality and quantity of experts, Zero Wing had a higher average level and their main force and core members had been strengthened by Casting Goldstone.

Result: Zero Wing emerged victorious due to the deaths of their Domain Realm experts, and Lu Xingluo withholding his final trump card



  • First Guild to monopolize the top 10 of a city's Ranking List. Rewarded 100 Gold, 5,000 Guild Popularity and 1,000 Guild Reputation[56]
  • First Guild to monopolize the top 30 of a city's Ranking List. Rewarded with 200 Gold, 10,000 Guild Popularity and 3,000 Guild Reputation[57]
  • First Guild to monopolize the top 100 of a city's Ranking List. Rewarded with "Honored Guild" title, 500 Gold, 30,000 Guild Popularity and 7,000 Guild Reputation[58]
  • First Clear of Hell Mode of Frost Prison
  • First guild to own a Guild Residence
  • First Guild to own a 2-Star Guild Residence in Star-Moon Kingdom. Rewarded with 30,000 Guild Popularity, 500 Gold Coins and one Guild Smithy Promotion Order. [59]
  • First Guild to own a 2-Star Guild Residence in White River City. Rewarded with 10,000 Guild Popularity and 200 Gold Coins. [60]
  • First Guild to own a Stable in their Residence
  • First Guild to garrison Evernight City's central area. Rewarded with 1,000 Evernight City Guild Reputation and 3,000 Evernight City Guild Popularity.[61]
  • Zero Wing City has become the first player-city in Star-Moon Kingdom. Rewarded with 10,000 City Popularity and one Advanced Restaurant Design.[62]
  • Zero Wing City has become the first city to upgrade its power source. Rewarded with 10,000 City Popularity and one City Conscription Order.[63]
  • First Guild to construct a city. Rewarded with 10,000 Guild Popularity and 50 Guild Influence.[64]
  • Killing the Orc Warlord and stopping the Orc army's invasion on Bewildering Forest Town! Rewarded with 30,000 Guild Popularity, 100 Guild Influence in Star-Moon Kingdom, and 50,000 Guild Honor Points.[65]
  • First to kill the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon. Rewarded with three Fifth-floor Teleportation Stones and 10 Humanity Reputation Points.[66]
  • First Guild to construct a town in a neutral map! Rewarded with 30,000 Guild Popularity and 10,000 Popularity to the new town.[67]
  • First Clear of the Hell Mode of The Eclipse Throne - Rewarded with Guild Popularity +20, Humanity Reputation +20 and all loot doubled. [68]
  • First Guild to be promoted to a 4-star Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom - Rewarded with one set of Intermediate Guild Defensive Magic Array, 3,000 Gold, 50,000 Popularity in the kingdom, and an upgrade to their Guild Emblem to Mysterious-Iron Rank.[69]
  • First Guild to own a 4-star Guild Residence - Rewarded with 100 Adventurer's Association Prestige, 30,000 Guild Popularity, and a Bronze Rank Guild Battle Flag[70]
  • First Guild to garrison the Secret Stone Fortress - Rewarded with 500 Secret Stone Fortress Guild Contribution Points and the rights to rent a Large Residence in the Secret Stone Fortress.[71]
  • Destroying the Dark Witch's Tower - Rewarded with 20,000 Guild Popularity and one Basic Teleportation Device. [72]
  • Completing the Hero Crusade Quest, Lord of Fire. Rewarding 30,000 Guild Popularity and promotion to 1-star Honorary Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom [73]
  • Capturing the Northern Fortress in Gravity Mountain Range - Rewarded with 10,000 Guild Popularity in Dragonheart City [74]
  • Capturing the Starlight Fortress in Starlight Vallet on the Western Continent - Rewarded with 20,000 Guild Reputation Points. [75]


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