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First mentioned in chapter 710,


Yuan Tiexin is a Guild Elder in Secret Pavilion and handles many of their engagements around the Black Dragon Empire and the surrounding kingdoms.




Level Progression
Level Tier Chapter Comments
50 2 1587
100 3 2372


Class: Shield Warrior [2]

  • Promoted to Tier 3 prior to chapter 2438

Realm of Refinement:

  • Void Realm - Yuan Tiexin mentioned that he had no hope of reaching the Domain Realm. [3]


Yuan Tiexin has the following equipment:

  • Landslide Set - Level 50 Fine-Gold Set Equipment[4]
  • Multiple pieces of Epic equipment and the weakest piece being a Level 95 Dark-Gold rank. [5]


Public Opening of Stone Forest City in Cold Spring Canyon (Chapter 2439 to 2440)

When Yuan Tiexin saw the system announcement of the public opening of Stone Forest City in the Cold Spring Canyon, he immediately headed over to the city with Purple Jade in order to persuade Black Flame to close the city in order to prevent the other superpowers from forming alliances to take over the city.

When he arrives at the City Lord's Mansion however, he runs into all 556 newly promoted Level 115 Tier 3 Knights of Black Flame's Knight Division. Overwhelmed by their powerful auras, both parties planned on how to made their escape before Black Flame emerged from the crowd to welcome them. After being introduced to Black Flame's knights, Yuan Tiexin's worries were gone as he realised that none of the superpowers would be able to handle this new foundation of Zero Wing. After that Yuan Tiexin proceeded to request for 200 sets of the Twelve Elemental Pillars Magic Barrier and conducted the trade with Black Flame.

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