First mentioned in chapter 2278 when the Elders of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion were gathering for a discussion of the position of Great Pavilion Master in Dragonheart City.


Windy Moon, or mistranslated as Cloudy Moon, is an upper echelon member of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

She used to be a candidate for the position of Phoenix Pavilion Master but withdrew from the competition due to a lack of interest in the position. Following her withdrawal, she shifted her development to a neutral kingdom.

She was able to take control of an entire neutral kingdom, defeating numerous superpowers in the process. Due to her achievements, it allowed the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion to secure a large number of resources unique to neutral races.


Windy Moon is a beauty that gives off a majestic feeling. She has shoulder-length hair and was clad in light-blue armor when she was first mentioned in the story. [3]


Windy Moon is a direct person, choosing to get straight to the point.



Realms of Refinement:

  • Domain Realm [4]



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