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First mentioned in chapter 2336 when Shi Feng was brought before the leader of Giant's Heart's fleet during the Freedom Alliance's meeting to re-evaluate their partnership with over thirty guilds and teams.


White Autumn is one of Giant's Heart Vice Guild Leaders.


White Autumn is handsome and has white hair.



 Class: Guardian Knight[]

Bloodline: Sea God's Kin [1][]

  • After he received the Sea God's Blessing, it is mentioned that his strength had skyrocketed and possessed near-unrivaled strength out at sea. [2]

Realm of Refinement:[]

  • Domain Realm [3]



When he was first introduced, he made a proposal to Shi Feng to purchase the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship in exchange for the Giant's Heart's support to stabilize their claim on the Freedom Alliance's Primal Void Stone vein partnership rights, and to sell them the Ocean Boundary Stone which is a unique resource from the Sea God's Realm. However, Shi Feng rejected the offer.

On contrary to everyone's expectation, White Autumn took a step back and offered to borrow the flying ship to complete a quest in exchange for five Ocean Boundary Stones. To this, Shi Feng accepted.


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