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The Western Continent is one of the two main continents in God's Domain. Players on this continent are more focused on Basic Attributes and Mana control while using Magic Crystals to strengthen themselves and their equipment and weapons. [1] Magic Crystals are more valued and in comparison, materials to produce weapons and equipment are much cheaper. [1] Legacies and resources such as Bloodlines that improve combat standards are more abundant and fighting invading Demonic Creatures is helpful in training one's combat standards. [2][3] There

The Western Continent has been plagued with endless battles against Demonic Creatures since ancient times, hence their magic research is far more advanced than on the Eastern Continent, especially in terms of Mana utilization. Due to the research, there are far more Magicians on the continent. There are also a few methods to improve a player's Mana control that are exclusive to the continent. Demonic Creatures generally drop attributed Magic Cores and other materials that are used in the creation of scrolls. These few reasons have led to higher tier Magic Scrolls and Magic Array Scrolls being readily available in cities. [4]

NPC Cities are managed by the Adventurer’s Association with each kingdom and empires' armies serving to maintain the safety of their respective borders while fending off the main forces of the Demonic Creatures. [5] The Adventurer's Association frequently entrusts matters of security to the various Guilds in forms of quests. [6] Guild Towns and Cities are rare on the continent since they are also targetted by the Demonic Creature armies and since they do not have the support of a large number of NPCs, these superpowers have to rely on their own members to defend them. [5]

Prominent Empires and Kingdoms



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Forbidden Land

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