First mentioned in chapter 2066, when Shi Feng was able to deal 1 hit onto the Tier 5 Bronze Dragon King in the Ancient God's Maze.


Vatra is an Archangel, and his appearance is of a handsome man dressed in pure-white robes, with four equally white wings on his back.

His mission is the removal of the inhabitants of the Undead World on the God's Domain Continent.


When Archangel Vatra was introduced, Shi Feng had just attempted the final test of the Ancient God's Maze Asura Mode, which was to defeat the Tier 5 Bronze Dragon King. Shi Feng was unable to beat him, but was able to lay one hit on it. This act gained the acknowledgement of Vatra, who in turn teleported Shi Feng out of the Maze and into his hall. The hall was beautifully decorated with the ceiling opened to the universe. Spear-wielding Knights in golden armor stood alongside the carpet in the moddle, most of them were Level 200 Tier 4 Knights, with the Knight Captains being Tier 5 beings. All of them were bona fide Angels.

Vatra requested the help from Shi Feng in removing the Undead World inhabitants which had invaded the God's Domain Continent, which Shi Feng accepted. This resulted in the Hidden Quest, "Undead World", being activated. Vatra offered Shi Feng two items to help him, which were the Dragon Summoning Flute and the Mysterious Stone. Afterwards, Vatra sent Shi Feng out of the hall and back to White River City

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