First mentioned in chapter 1795, when Mu Lingsha arranged the 60 Tier 2 players from Unyielding Soul, to fulfill her deal with Shi Feng. He's the strongest Berserker in the Unyielding Soul.


In Game

Middle-aged. Slim. Wore a set of dark-blue sacred armor with a pure-white cloak thrown over his shoulder.[3] In Chapter 2050 he is geared in a suit of black armor.[4]



Well-known in the virtual gaming world and had been responsible for various miracles in previous virtual reality games.

Class: Tier 2 Berserker

Realm of Refinement:

  • Domain Realm[5]



He was able to slay two of Crimson Emperor's Domain Realm experts when he led Unyielding Soul's trump card legion to capture the Dark Night Empire's Serene Town. His sucess allowed Unyielding Soul to surpass Crimson Emperor's development in the empire.



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