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First mentioned in chapter 1234 when Hundred Leaves reported to Sacred Temple's Guild Leader that Shi Feng had been able to locate the weakness of the Six-star Crimson World magic array.


Uncle Li is one of Sacred Temple's Elders and an old monster who had achieved the Domain Realm years ago. He is also a Dark Player and engages in PK and assassination jobs.[3]


Uncle Li has a gray beard and was equipped with two snow-white daggers at his side when he was revealed in the story.[4]



Class: Assassin

Realm of Refinement:

  • Domain Realm [5]


Combat Techniques:


Uncle Li has the following equipment:

  • Special tools and methods to increase the drop rate of players he kills. [18]


When Uncle Li was trying to assassinate Shi Feng after the events of the Freedom Alliance's monthly Sea Dragon City Festival, he was blocked by Fire Dance who happened to be in stealth nearby. During their short skirmish, Uncle Li recognized Fire Dance's talent due to her ability to block him despite not being a domain realm expert. He offered an invitation for her to join him and receive his tutelage which would allow her to become one of the best Assassins in God's Domain. [19]

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