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First mentioned in chapter 1911, when the commander of Unbounded and another member arrived at Zero Wing City to express their interest to join Zero Wing.

As of chapter 1918, Unbounded would be annexed by Zero Wing and join their ranks.


Unbounded was a well-known adventurer team that operates in the Purple Thorns Kingdom, and was considered at one of the top 100 adventurer teams in the kingdom.


At their introduction, there had four Tier 2 players, whom had all completed the hard Mode Class-change quest.

Name / Account Name Class Realm of


Stubborn Bone Tier 2 Berserker Unknown Commander
Seven Light Tier 2 Swordsman Unknown Expert


When Stubborn Bone mentioned that they would attempt to join Zero Wing, Seven Light had been the first to volunteer to accompany him on the journey. At Zero Wing City, they were targetted by Dark Sickle who was sent by Wind Hunter, to cause trouble in the city. After activating an Evil Dragon Crystal, Dark Sickle had lunged at them, but was stopped by Shi Feng who had been walking by. Shi Feng exhibited a higher combat power than previously shown, and using the Four Towers of Elements magic array over the city, he was able to overpower and kill Dark Sickle. This further solified their desire to join the guild.

When Aqua Rose had confirmed that Unbounded would be joining as their whole team, Stubborn Bone started to plan their team's entry into the guild, by forming a 1,000 man legion and moving their base of operations into Zero Wing City. When he ended the Guild Residence as an offical member, he was suprised at the benefits that members were entitled to, what he found in the Guild Warehouse, and the various methods of earning money via quests. His hope of becoming a peak expert in God's Domain was rejuvenated after seeing the guild's resources,and he planned to raise his position quickly in order to help his team and himself.[1]


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