First mentioned in chapter 1882, when the Sea of Trees was brought up.


The Traveling Bard is considered to be a special Tier 2 Class, and is a semi-support class that combines the traits of the Berserker, Elementalist, Cleric and Oracle Classes.

Althought lacking high DPs, it is one of the few semi-support classes available at Tier 2, the Traveling Bard is able to boost it's teammates abilties, up to 15%. This effect is limited to a 100-man team.

Method to Obtain

In order to class-change into the Traveling Bard, players are required to be Tier 1 class (regardless of class), and have to undertake the promotion test at the Sea of Trees. It is a relatively easier promotion quest, when compared to the normal promotion quests. In order to improve the odds of a successful class change, players should have the ability to produce Intermediate Magic Arrays.

There is a limit of only 20 players a week, that can be class-changed to the class using the normal method. Players who miss the opportunity would have to wait for a new week before they can attempt the quest again. There is also a 300 entry limit per 2 hours, and each entry requires a fee of 60 Gold.

However, as long as one is a recognised noble in the Sea of Trees, they are able to purchase a Trial Emblem from the NPCs at a cost of 50 Gold, and participate in the promotion quest. Using this method allows players to pick from 2 difficulty levels, Normal Mode and Hard Mode. The Hard Mode is the original trial that the Primordial Elf Kings had left behind, and is comparable to the normal Tier 2 Hell Mode Promotion Quest. There are no limits to the number of players taking the Hard Mode.

Completing the Normal Mode only grants a portion of the abilities of a Traveling Bard, while completing the Hard Mode grants the full legacy.

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