First mentioned in chapter 2320, when Blackie found a Trap Design from the loot of a Dragonkin Warrior as the team was grinding in Cold Spring Forest.


Traps are a type of tool that can be used by players to achieve various effects. Traps can be categorized into Physical Traps and Magic Traps.

  • Physical Traps can be used to trap a group of monsters and does continuous damage to the monsters as long as they are trapped. However, they are useless against flying monsters.
  • Magic Traps can only be used on a single target but have various crowd control effects and debuffs.

Although traps were common in God's Domain, they were rarely used by players before Level 100, as they were inferior to Magic Arrays and were ineffective on monsters at Great Lord rank and above. It was considered a waste of time and materials to set up a trap to deal with a Lord rank monster. This was due to the restriction enforced by the Main God System that players were only able to use Basic Traps.

After Level 100, all restrictions were removed and players would come into contact with Intermediate Traps and higher. Intermediate Traps are capable of dealing massive damage to Level 100 Great Lords and heavily injuring them for a period of time. Intermediate Traps are easier to produce and cheaper compared to Magic Arrays and would be a common sight in Level 100 maps and beyond.

Known Traps

Physical Traps:

Magic Traps

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