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In God's Domain, each entity can be classified by the game's Tier System.


All players start the game at Tier 0, and by meeting the level requirements and completing their promotion quest, they will upgrade their Tier. With each Tier upgrade, players will experience an increase in their Physique and Basic Attributes.

Tier 0 and Tier 1[]

Tier 0 and Tier 1 are meant to be an introductory phase for players, allowing them to adapt to God's Domain's combat style and system. Hence, most players would be capable of completing their Tier 1 Promotions. However, from Tier 2 onwards, players are required to have achieved a certain standard in both combat standards and Basic Attributes before they can get promoted.

An example of the difference between Tiers would be: Ordinary Tier 1 Players would be able to go up against Elite Monsters of the same Level, while Tier 2 Players would be able to go up against Chieftains.

Tier 2[]

There are two main reasons for the gap between Tier 1 and Tier 2 players, Tier 2 Players are able to learn better skills and have better Physique to execute the full effect of each skills. The difference in Physique is about 40% and the enhancement to a player's five senses and control of their body is a major factor.

Tier 3[]

When players reach Tier 3, not only do their Basic Attributes and Physique improves, their Resistances also undergo a qualitative transformation. [1] Players form their Mana Body during their promotion quest, and is a major difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 players. After gaining their Mana Body, players will have to train to control their Mana and it will empower their Skills and Spells. Players who are able to unlock their Mana Body's potential will become true Tier 3 existences. Tier 3 is considered an intermediate force in God's Domain.

Tier 4[]

Once players reach Tier 4, the system shifts into minor rank: Lower-rank, Intermediate-rank, Upper-rank and Peak-rank. Most experts would be stuck at this tier as each rank progression is harder than the previous one. However, with each rank a player crossed, they experience a qualitative transform to their combat power. [2] Tier 4 players can single-handedly destroy a force of several thousand Tier 3 experts. [3]

Tier 5[]

Another example of having a superior Tier: A Tier 5 player would be able to defend a city without any help and be able to lead teams to raid Tier 5 Legendary rank Bosses. They would be capable of single-handely destroying a city's defensive magic array. [4]

Tier 6[]

From Shi Feng's previous life, all players who reached Tier 6 had unlocked their Mana Body past the 100% threshold.[5] According to information given by Thunder Emperor Kaiser to Shi Feng another requirement to achieved Tier 6 are:

  1. must undergo Transition in life orders
  2. must possesses the Immortal Brilliance.

If one does not possesses the Immortal Brilliance they will be limited as Demigod.

Skills Tiers[]

When players reached Tier 2 in God's Domain, they would no longer be able to learn basic Tier 2 Skills from their class instructors as they had during Tier 1. Normally, players could only obtain Tier 2 Skills by completing quests or from loot and Treasure Chests. One of the most frequently used methods to obtain Tier 2 Skill Books was through the Adventurer's Association.

In God's Domain, the power of a Spell heavily depended on the caster's Intelligence. For example, if a Tier 1 player and a Tier 6 player cast the same Tier 1 Spell, the power difference would be like heaven and earth. The outcome was due to the difference in their Attributes. Meanwhile, high-tiered Spells and Skills only allowed one to display more of their raw power.[6]


Difficulty options for promotion quests for Tier 2 and above were only Normal, Hard, and Hell Modes. In Shi Feng's case they were Hell, Asura, and God.


Tier 0 - Level 0

  • 4 Free Attribute Points with each level up

Tier 1 - Level 20

  • 8 Free Attribute Points with each level up

Tier 2 - Level 50

  • 20 Free Attribute Points with each level up

Tier 3 - Level 100

  • When a player reaches a Tier 3 physique, they improve their neural response time by 10%[7]
  • The Tier 3 Promotion Quest consisted of two parts: (1)Locating the lost Legacy (2) Inheriting the lost Legacy. The second part was also the most important of the Promotion Quest, in which, one would change and construct their body’s Mana framework within duration limit rewarded.
  • When a player obtained an Advanced Epic Mana Body: All Basic Attributes +400, all Resistance +80, Attack Power and Attack Speed increased by 30%, all Basic Attributes increased by 60%, and physique increased by 70%. Rewarding 80 Legacy Skill Points

Tier 4 - Level 120

When a player reaches a level 120 and has a Legacy to enter the Legacy Land then he can start the promotion quest. However Tier 4 Legacy Lands did not have a fixed position, they would appear at random in God’s Domain.[8] In the legacy land the player must obtain as much of their Legacy’s power as possible, if not they would fail and will face harsher promotion quest on the next opportunity.

The Legacy power’s accumulation divided as follows:

  1. Normal classes generally needed to accumulate 70% of their Legacy’s power to reach Tier 4
  2. Peak classes needed roughly 85% Legacy's power.
  3. Rarely one could raise it to 100% Legacy's power and fully unlock all the information their Tier 4 Legacy offered (have a chance to learn two Peak Legacy Skills)
  4. Abysmal chance to accumulate Legacy's power beyond 100% (if lucky enough like Shi Feng have a chance to learn Apex Legacy Skills).

When a player obtained Tier 4 Apex Legacy Core :

  1. All Basic Attributes +2,000
  2. All Resistances +150
  3. Mana recovery rate increased by 100%
  4. All Basic Attributes increased by 100%
  5. Physique increased by 150%.
  6. All physical and magical attacks below Tier 4 received will be weakened by 30%.
  7. Rewarding 100 Legacy Skill Points

Tier 5 - Level 150

When a player reaches level 150, they meet the minimum requirement to get promoted to tier 5. In order to reach tier 5 players need to do the following:

  • Construct a personalized mana body 10x stronger than their mana body at tier 3.

When a player obtains a Tier 5 epic mana body:

  1. All Basic Attributes +5,000
  2. All Resistances +500,
  3. Mana recovery rate increased by 300%,
  4. All physical and magical attacks received that are below Tier 5 will be weakened by 40%,
  5. All Basic Attributes increased by 150%,
  6. Physique increased by 200%,
  7. Reaction speed improved by 100%.
  8. Rewarding 200 Legacy Skill Points.

Tier 6 - Level 200

When a player reaches level 200 they are able to begin advancing to tier 6. The requirements for tier 6 are:

  • Create either a divine or superior divine body

In order to create a superior divine body one would first need to have ultimate mastery over a world law [9]

Players can choose to create a superior divine body or a normal divine body, which is easier to create. The majority of tier 6 gods only have a normal divine body, however the difference in strength between Gods with a normal divine body and those with a superior divine body is like the difference between Mythic monsters and superior Mythic monsters.


Normally, after NPCs reached Tier 3, their combat standards would be on par to ordinary expert players. Some powerful Tier 3 NPCs could even reach the Refinement Realm. Including NPCs' superior Attributes, Tier 3 NPCs were generally far more powerful than Tier 3 players.

Even the weakest Tier 4 NPCs' combat standards were at the Refinement Realm, and the more powerful ones could even reach the Void Realm. Not even Tier 4 peak experts would have dared to provoke Tier 4 NPCs in the past.[10]

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