First mentioned in chapter 1987, when Shi Feng went to the Adventurer’s Association to pick up a Exploration Quest.

Shi Feng completed this quest when he presented the Thunder Axe City Key to the Giant race's Great Elder.[1]


Type: Three-star Unique Exploration Quest

Pre-requisites: Be a Three-star Rank Adventurer and be Level 70.

Location: Thunder Axe City

Difficulty: More difficult than ordinary Epic Quest

Time Limit: None

Objective: Find the path to Thunder Axe City


  • Opportunity to be the first player to visit Thunder Axe City
  • Giant’s Holy Stone
  • Adventurer's Association Reputation +20
  • Adventurer's Association Contribution +1,000
  • 1,000 Conversion Slots for the Giant Race


Shi Feng was given an option to either reduce the quest difficulty by 15% while maintaining the same reward or to maintain the quest difficulty but increase the quest reward by one rank, due to being the first player to pick up a Three-star Exploration Quest. Picking the latter option, Shi Feng proceeded with his quest. He was provided a Magic Scroll that allowed him to temporary remove the magic seal on the path to the city.


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