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First mentioned in chapter 2197, when Happy Art's origins were revealed to Shi Feng.


Thirteen Thrones is a Super Guild and ranked with the top 10 Super Guilds. It was established nearly a century ago and was initially supported by two major corporations. [1]


The team has at least 53 Tier 3 experts, which includes Elder Wu. [2]

Name Class Realm Role
Elder Wu Domain Realm Founder and largest shareholder [3]
Melancholy Swordsman Domain Realm Guild Leader [4]
Modern Rain Ranger Vice Guild Leader [5],

Commander of the Third Fleet [6]

Happy Art Shield Warrior Void Realm Internal Core Member,

One of the top prodigy [7]

Crazed Sword Swordsman Domain Realm Peak Expert [8]

Guild Towns, Cities and Locations

It is mentioned that the territories controlled by the guild are mostly flatlands and mountainous regions. Due to that, they have access to all sorts of well-known ores, including materials required to produce Level 100-plus weapons and equipment. [9]

Guild Residences:

Naval Fleets

Thirteen Thrones has three naval fleets (assumed). Each of them consists of 100 ships, with most of them being advanced Speedboats, about 20 Bronze Speedboats, 2-3 Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, and led by a Medium Sailboat. [10]


In Shi Feng's previous timeline, the guild had been as strong as the Five Great Super Guilds at it's peak. They had been in control of three empires and almost ten kingdoms. [11]

Purchase of Twelve Elemental Pillars Magic Barrier (Chapter 2444)

It was mentioned that the guild had ordered a small number of Twelve Elemental Pillars Magic Barrier to test out but after seeing Zero Wing's display of power in Stone Forest City, revealing their 556 Level 115 Tier 3 Knights, they changed their order to huge orders instead. 

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