City teleportation arrays can not teleport a player to every corner of God’s Domain, as a majority of the locations in God’s Domain did not possess a teleportation array. For such locations, players could only teleport to the nearest map and run the rest of the way. Even then, they would still have to waste a large amount of time. Of course, unlike the teleportation arrays one would normally find in the Teleportation Halls, which allowed teleportation between various large cities, the teleportation arrays one could construct with this forging design were the simplest version—a one-to-one teleportation array. These teleportation arrays only allowed teleportation between two locations. Stated that design is a consumable item that can only fix up to 10 coordinates [1]

Picked up design from Demonic Great Lord Noya in Dark Den [2]

Set up 1st teleportation point to Twin Tower Kingdom in area protected by Ancient Abyssal Book [3]. Linked to teleportation shops in White River City, Black Dragon Empire and the Purple Thorns Kingdom [4]. Unknown if these shops consumed additional coordinates, as it was previously stated that the array allows teleportation between locations.

Set up 2nd teleportation point in Source Fire ore vein located in Flame Demon’s Valley [5]

Set up 3rd teleportation point on Kama Island in the Sea of Death outside of the cave containing the Manatite ore vein [6]

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