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First mentioned in chapter 653, when many guilds were mentioned to be on standby to capture the town.


Stone Forest City (formerly Stone Forest Town) was originally located close to the Stoneclaw Mountains, which had become an Asura Mode Regional Dungeon. It was formerly owned by the forces of darkness before Zero Wing liberated the town and converted it into their Guild Town by ex[4]changing the town token dropped by Sareya, with the Adventurer's Association and paying 13,500 Gold.

After Shi Feng transported the town to the Bottomless Abyss in the Ancient Undead Country, he used a Gold Town Promotion Order to promote the town into a city. In the process, all the constructions in the town were upgraded. [5][6]

The city was later transported to Cold Spring Canyon beside the Cold Spring Lake after Shi Feng became the Lord of the map. [7] Due to transferring it to his territory, the city received an additional bonus of magic array enhancement which lessens the effects of the chaotic energy present in Level 100-plus neutral maps and accelerates their recovery from the chaotic energy. [8] The town was no longer open to the public and only players who owned a private house in the city will be allowed to access it. [9] The city was later opened to the public after Shi Feng's Knight Division (which includes 556 Level 115 Tier 3 NPCs) were stationed in the city. The entry fee was 10 Silver per person. [10]


Originally, Zero Wing had 100% ownership of the city, but after making a deal with Secret Pavilion to revoke Starlink's advanced membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce, 30% of the shares was given to them.[11]


After the town was promoted to a city, the space occupied was now many times more than the town. The walls were now engraved with divine runes that prevented players from jumping over it. All the constructions in the city were also promoted, increasing their size especially for the Zero Wing Guild Residence and the Zero Wing Auction House. [12]

Prominent Places[]

  • Zero Wing's Residence
    • A massive, eight-story building located at the heart of the city, with the Zero Wing's six-winged Guild Emblem at the front of the building. The residence was able to accommodate up to 100,000 players, and had plenty of 2-star Private Rooms.[13]
    • After promoting into a city the Residence transformed into a 60-meter-tall building.[14]
  • Candlelight Trading Firm's Branch
    • During the time as a Town, the branch had been a seven-story building.
    • After the town was promoted, the branch had become a 10 story building that was as large as a sports arena. [15]
  • Adventurer's Association
  • Battle Arena [16]
    • Managed by 10 Advanced Managers NPCs and 500 Normal Managers NPCs. [17]
    • Managed by Cook, an NPC Manager with 78 points in Wisdom.[18]
    • Advanced combat rooms (Evil God's Tablet)
    • Players can register as members of the Battle Arena in order to get priority in the booking of rooms.
  • Private Houses [19]
  • Three Magic Towers.
  • Zero Wing Auction House (Advanced Construction)
    • A 12-story-tall building that occupied a significant portion of the city's main street. [20][21]
    • Stone Forest City's Auction House is connected to White River City's Auction House, which allows both houses to share their merchandise. Both Auction Houses will reflect all the offerings in each other's interface. [22]
  • Defensive Magic Array [23]
  • Secret Pavilion's Temporary Residence [24]
    • Due to Shi Feng trading 30% of the shares of the city with the Secret Pavilion, they were able to set up a temporary residence in the city.
  • Dark Tower (Tower of Death) [25]
  • City Lord's Mansion [26]
    • A mansion built on top of a spacious compound. Thick, stone walls lined the compound and the only entrance is a set of sturdy iron gates. Two Tier 2 NPC Soldier parties stand guard near the entrance.
    • There is an Isolation Barrier that covers the mansion. Although it cannot block incoming attacks, it is able to block unseen attacks and isolates the mansion from the outside world. Once players enter the mansion, they require permission from the City Lord to contact anyone outside the barrier.
    • The mansion is equipped with its own defensive magic array, which is stronger than the magic barrier that protects the city. The only drawback is the limited Mana that can be stored.
  • Private Housing [27]
    • After the town was promoted, Shi Feng started building more private housing around the Battle Arena. He would proceed to rent them out via an auction through all the Candlelight Trading Firm's branches. Only credits were accepted as payment, with the minimum bid being 30,000 Credits per month. A total of 1,667 units were rented out with the lowest closing bid being 600,000 Credits, while the highest was 1,740,000 Credits. A total of 7,000 units were sold over a period of 6 six days with the highest bid being 2,820,000 on the fifth day. A total of 13.7 Billion was made from the sale. [28][29][30]
    • After the town was transported to Cold Spring Canyon, Shi Feng started an auction to leash the houses at 30,000 Credits per week. [31] On average, each house was rented for 150,000 Credits per week and over 1 billion Credits were earned. [32]
    • Players are able to teleport to their housing from anywhere within the Cold Spring Canyon (formerly the Bottomless Abyss.)[33]
    • Players who stay in the houses would receive the Double Exp Buff and the High Mana State buff, which increases their maximum Stamina and Consumption by 20% for 12 hours, after resting for 8 hours in the house. If they rest for 12 hours instead, the buff duration is increased to 18 hours. [34]
  • Residence for the Zero Wing's Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance [35]
  • Freedom Hotel [36]

Prominent NPCs[]

  • Gilbert[37]
  • The City Lord's Mansion's manager [38]
    • Upon it's promotion to a Guild City, a Level 10 NPC was assigned to be the butler of the City Lord's Mansion. It serves as the management of certain affairs of the city, such as removing the seal of the city and opening it to the public. Despite being Level 10, it is invulnerable to all damage.

Prominent Items and Products[]

Other Details[]

  • When the town was under the authority of the forces of darkness, it was guarded by three Level 60 Tier 2 NPCs, Sareya, Lyme and Paddo, and also sealed an awakened NPC, Lancelot, in an Obelisk.[39]
  • When Zero Wing raided the treasury, they obtained over 3,000 Gold, over 400 Tier 1 Magic Scrolls, over 100 Tier 2 Magic Scrolls, over 2,000 Magic Crystals, over 1,000 Tier 1 Gemstones, and over 300 Tier 2 Gemstones. In addition to numerous rare materials and Level 50 Equipment.
  • Due to the town's security reaching C-Rank security, it activated the Private Space Upgrade System and the Adventurer's Association was able to enter and garrison the town.
  • Number of players residing in Stone Forest Town is 500 000[40]
  • Wandering merchants - They were a privilege that only player towns enjoyed. This visit was something that would never occur in NPC towns.[41]
  • Stone Forest Town had already been successfully promoted to an Intermediate Town.[42]
  • Stone Forest Town was the first guild town to be promoted to an intermediate town. Thus Zero Wing was rewarded with 200,000 guild popularity and a Bronze Guild Promotion Order. [43]
  • Number of players residing in Stone Forest Town is 1,000,000 [44]
  • Zero Wing's enemies are prohibited from entering the city. For example, Starlink. [45]
  • After being promoted to a Basic City, the city was now able of accommodating up to 5,000,000 players. [46]
  • After being promoted to a Basic City, the Mana Density in the city was twice as dense despite the Magic Towers being inactive. It was able of improving a player's five senses by 15%, as compared to it's previous improvement of 10% as a town with three Magic Towers. It was mentioned that ordinary players would be able to become experts of the Trial Tower's fifth floor standard, if they trained for a month in such an environment. [47]
  • After being promoted to a Basic City, Adventurer Residences were allowed to be constructed in the city. A total of ten would be constructed. Shi Feng decides to sell them for 50,000 Gold or Magic Crystals of equal value. [48]
  • After being promoted to a Basic City and being opened to the public, the entry fee was set to 4 Silver. [49]
  • After the Dark Tower was summoned in the city, the Mana Density had increased and surpassed the Mana density in the Holy City of Titan and contained a violent energy. However it doesn't agitate players, and instead allows them to feel warm and close to their environemtn, enhacing their senses. It resembles the feeling that Void Realm players feel normally. [50]


Stone Forest Town's Move and Promotion (Chapter 2146 to 2152)[]

When the town was transferred to the Bottomless Abyss, many of the superpowers (Sky Dragon House, Pride Empire, Starlink) who were exploring in the Ancient Undead Country made their way to the town in order to coerce Zero Wing to surrender the town to them, while allowing Secret Pavilion and them to share some of the profits of the town in consideration for the former. However, when the town was promoted to a Basic City, the superpowers were urged to quickly capture the city regardless of the cost, mobilizing more of their manpower to assist.

As the teams of Sky Dragon House (led by Sheng Wuji) and Pride Empire (led by Zhan Baiya) approached the city, Purple Jade went out with a 100-man team to greet them. Both leaders immediately demanded for 30% of the shares of the city, while offering the remaining to the Secret Pavilion since they were the first to occupy the city. However, Shi Feng (Black Flame) emerges at this time to rebute their claims. Their conversations escalates into a fight with Zhan Baiya commanding two of the groups from the Heavenly Demon Team to assualt Shi Feng while they enveloped him in the Void Magic Array.

Despite being surrounded by two Void Realm experts, six Flowing Water Realm experts and twelve other melee players, Shi Feng was able to pushed back their attacks and kill off most of the team. Even though Zhan Baiya and four other Void Realm experts consumed the Divine Protection Potions and reached a semi-Tier 3 state, they were still overwhelmed by Shi Feng, who had activate the Deep Sea Meditation, and killed off. The battle scared off the remaining members of the Heavenly Demon Team and they were paralyzed in fear. The Void Magic Array was deactivated as they backed off. Sheng Wuji informed Yuan Tiexin that he would give up on the city for now, but the Sky Dragon House would be back, and pulled back his team.

Starlink's Siege on Stone Forest City (Chapter 2153 to 2157)[]

Just as Stone Forest Ciy had completed it's promotion, Bright Dawn led three gigantic, flaming elephants out of the Undead Forest while several thousand Starlink members emerged alongside them. The mages in the group started to store Mana in 29 Energy Stones in order to launch an Ancient Spell, Elemental Destruction, which would have the power of a top-tier Tier 4 Curse, to destroy the city's defensive magic array. The players were also protected by an Epic rank Defensive Orb, which was able to withstand Tier 4 attacks.

Confidence as their lineup, Bright Dawn taunted Shi Feng. The latter took out a Tier 4 Magic Scroll, enhanced it with an Elemental Core, before casting it upon the Starlink players. 90% of the force were immediately eliminated, with the three Mythic Summons being heavily injured. Bright Dawn even suffered a death before being resurrected by his Ancient Resurrection Scroll.

Furious at Shi Feng's response, Bright Dawn immediately orders an all out assualt with the remaining players and the three summons. Their attacks were able to weaken the defensive magic array after one round of attacks. The NPCs soldiers, players of Zero Wing and Secret Pavilion responded back. Many spells, arrows, magic scrolls and turret fire were exchanged, with both sides taking casualties.

Bright Dawn led Sword Demon, Wind Demon and Heart Demon, to assault Shi Feng, with all of them consuming Berserk Potions and activating their Berserk Skills. Shi Feng was immediately put on the defensive, despite activating [Heavenly Dragon's Power], but was able to chip away their HPs. When Sword Demon and Heart Demon activated their ultimate skills, Shi Feng was able to counter with [Lightning Slash] and instant kill both of them. Bright Dawn and Wind Demon were able to dodge the attack and created some space from Shi Feng.

Desperate at the current state of events, Bright Dawn took out a Dark Seed in order to cause mutual destruction. The seed summoned forth a Tier 4 Marquis rank Great Demon, Moflins. Shi Feng took out the Bible of Darkness and used one of it's innate abilities, [Demon Ruler], and was able to put the Great Demon under his control. He immediately got the demon to slay the three summons. Althought Bright Dawn called for a retreat, Shi Feng appeared beside him and took his life. The rest of the siege ended in Stone Forest City's favor, as almost all of Starlink's members were slaughtered like sheeps.

Superpower Struggle (Chapter 2158 - 2165[]

Many representatives from various superpowers had been waiting at White River City to coerce Zero Wing to surrender their shares of the city, as they had deemed them incapable of defending the city. However when news of Starlink's defeat, Shi Feng (Blackflame) repelling both the Heavenly Demon Team and Horned Dragon Team and being in possession of a Tier 4 Great Demon, all of them were shocked. Each of them turned to play the waiting game as they waited for the demon summon to expire.

The moment the demon disappeared, the various superpowers were informed by their spies and started to mobilze their forces. A total of twelve superpowers started moving against the city, with the Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire being the strongest forces. Their total force numbered up to 50,000 experts, many of whom were members of the Guild's trump card legions.

During the time that the guilds were mobilizing, Shi Feng (Blackflame) had used the Dark Tower Design and summoned it in the city. Once it was done, he went out with Yuan Tiexin to confront the superpowers. As they threathen to kill him, Shi Feng (Blackflame) used one of the abilities of the Dark Tower, [Dark Domain], to lower everyone's combat power by half. Even though the superpowers were frigthened at the turn of events, they were still insistent on forcing Zero Wing to give up the city. Shi Feng (Blackflame) proceeded to use the second ability of the tower, [Demon God's Phantom], turning into a Tier 4 Upper Rank Ancient Fiend giant that surpassed even a Tier 4 Archiac Species. Although the superpowers summoned forth Tier 4 Mythic creatures, they were immediately repelled by his new-found power.

Overwhelmed by Shi Feng's display of power, they tried to retreat while using many suppression and defensive magic arrays, and Tier 4 Offensive Magic Scrolls to deter him. However, their actions were useless against him and he was to start a massacre among the 50,000 experts.


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