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First mentioned in chapter 1882, Starlink is the Starline Corporation's Guild in God's Domain.


Starline Corporation invested their resources early on in the game and was able to establish themselves as a growing superpower. Starlink operates mostly in Dark Night Empire and its main Guild Residence is situated in the imperial capital, Dark Night City. Their Residence is situated in the heart of the city and was one of the eye-catching sights within the city.

Due to Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul, both veteran super-first-rate Guilds, constantly competing for supremacy over Dark Night Empire, Starlink was able to grow unhindered and develop into a super-first-rate Guild capable of challenging with both Guilds.

Starlink is one of the few guilds that have access to travel between the two main continents.[1]


Their main force is a 100-man team. [2]

As Starlink grew and developed themselves, they annexed several first-rate guilds, adventurer teams, and famous experts. Most of their Vice Guild Leaders had either been Guild Leaders of first-rate Guilds or Commanders of top adventurer teams. [3] Each Vice Guild Leader leads their own teams with some of them leading legions of their own.

Known Legions[]

Name / Account Name Class Realms Role
Lu Xingluo Guild Leader
Dawn Web Tier 2 Elementalist Vice Guild Leader
Startled Wind Domain Realm Second Vice Guild Leader [7]Commander of the Mad Beast Legion
Cloudy Mountain Domain Realm Monster-level expert

Vice Commander of the Mad Beast Legion [8]

Ink Rain Tier 2 Assassin Void Realm Peak Expert,

First Party Leader of Mad Beast Legion [9]

Brilliant Python Tier 2 Berserker Void Realm Peak Expert,

Party Leader of Mad Beast Legion [9]

Black Panther Tier 2 Guardian Knight Void Realm Peak Expert,

Party Leader of Mad Beast Legion [9]

Three Kills Tier 2 Berserker Domain Realm Fourth Vice Guild Leader[10]
Desert Tiger Tier 2 Berserker Seventh Vice Guild Leader [11]
Bright Dawn Tier 2 Undead Knight Vice Guild Leader [12]
Evil Blade Domain Realm Monster-level expert,

Commander of the Battlescar Workshop [13]

Mountain Passenger Tier 2 Ranger Starlink's peak expert,

Three Kills' personal security team[14]

Tyrant Dragon Tier 2 Berserker Starlink's peak expert,

Three Kills' personal security team[15]

Sword Demon Tier 2 Swordsman Domain Realm Apex Expert

Member of the Four Shadow Demons.[16]

Heart Demon Tier 2 Elementalist Domain Realm Apex Expert

Member of the Four Shadow Demons.[17]

Wind Demon Tier 2 Assassin Domain Realm Apex Expert

Member of the Four Shadow Demons.[18]

Mad Demon Domain Realm Apex Expert

Member of the Four Shadow Demons.[19]

Tengu Tier 2 Berserker Peak Expert [20]
Illusion Swordsman Tier 2 Swordsman Peak Expert [21]
Mountain Horn Tier 2 Shield Warrior Peak Expert [22]

Adventurer Alliances[]

After the Planar Passages were opened, various powers and players emerged from the Otherworlds and many new Adventurer Alliances were founded and Starlink formed an alliance with various alliances. One of the benefits given to these members was the opportunity to purchase the special legacy from the Demonic Hell World. [23]

Guild Residences and Shops[]

Guild Residences[]

  • Dark Night City
    • Has a Five-Story Restaurant
    • Training Rooms upgraded with Magic Array Enhancements, increasing the Mana Density in the rooms.
    • Stable - The Guild's Mount is a leopard [24]

Guild Shops[]

Guild Towns, Cities and Fortresses[]

Naval Fleet[]

Starlink has their own naval fleet. So far only a Bronze Sailboat is mentioned about it. [29]

NPC Auction Houses[]

NPC Auction Houses[]

  • During the first Auction Arena Competition, it was mentioned that Starlink had obtained three NPC Auction Houses. [30]

War Weapons[]


During the first real world Secret Pavilion Auction, Lu Xingluo was able to win 40% of the management rights of a Magic Crystal Vein that Secret Pavilion had auctioned, at the price of 800,000 Gold.

<earlier parts to be added> (Before chapter 2145)

When the Stone Forest Town was discovered to be in the Bottomless Abyss, Lu Xingluo was furious and granted Bright Dawn full authority to utilize the Guild's full strength to either destroy or capture the town. He immediately summoned the old monsters and gathered all the peak experts in their fortress in the Ancient Undead Country, while preparing all the strategic tools he wanted. [33]

When Stone Forest City was moved to Cold Spring Canyon, the Secret Pavilion made a deal with Shi Feng for access to the city early in exchange for revoking Starlink's membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce. [34] When Starlink found out about the cause of their loss, they put a bounty on the players from Zero Wing and contacted several affiliated adventurer alliances for their assistance. The guild offers 100 CPs for Zero Wing's elite players and 1,000 CPs for core members. Any players who assisted with the kills will be able to claim half of the posted bounty as well. This bounty would remain in effect until Zero Wing was removed from God's Domain. [35]


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