First mentioned in chapter 1783, when Lu Xingluo introduced himself to Shi Feng


One of the top 50 corporations in the world, Starline Corporation deals with energy, especially High-level Energy, which is used to run combat simulations in the various superpowers. There are also one of the rare suppliers of Fantasy Stars in the real world.[1]

Starline Corporation was one of the major corporations that had invested in God's Domain early on, creating a solid foundation for themselves in the game. The various superpowers are mindful of the corporation's power in the game. Their guild is Starlink


In Shi Feng's previous life, Starline Corporation had relied on their advantages of entering God's Domain early and High-Level Energy, to become the overlord of Dark Night Empire, annilihilating Unyielding Soul and defeating Crimson Emperor. They had also gained control of several neighbouring kingdoms and developed into a bona fide Super Guild.


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