First mentioned in chapter 2451 when Shi Feng was discussing his plans to capture a fortress on the Western Continent with MacAffrey of Divine Tribe.


Starlight Fortress is a small Ancient Fortresses located in the Star Valley on the Western Continent. The fortress is situated on the boundary between the Star Valley's inner and outer regions. It is a massive tower in the middle of a forest and has 12 meter high, thick sturdy walls surrounding it and have been treated with special magic that prevent players from jumping over them.[2] The fortress only has one entrance, which is also its least protected area.

Shi Feng became the Starlight Fortress Lord after obtaining the Starlight Fortress Lord's Token from slaying the Starlight Behemoth, one of the Guardian Bosses of the fortress. However, he did not receive the Lord's authority until he cleared the Legacy Trial, which was at the Asura Mode difficulty.[3] Shi Feng and team were able to receive a Silver Mark and a Bronze Mark after attempting the trial which unlocked some function of the fortress.[4] Shi Feng was only able to gain partial control of the fortress after undergoing a takeover procedure in the mansion's main office on the third floor. The true ruler of the fortress is Osset, the administrator of the fortress, and he only provides authority to players who have the Starlight Fortress Lord's Token and received a mark from passing the Legacy Trial. [5]

Due to the fact he became the lord, the system released a regional announcement that the fortress would be open to the public in three days, and that players would be free to enter and rest in the fortress.[6] Divine Tribe dispatched the Divine Hymn Legion and 100 Tier 3 players to garrison the fortress and started on repairing and building up the facilities. After two days of repair, the fortress had a different appearance and the magic array was now fully active. A layer of Mana enveloped the entire fortress and created an oasis in the Star Valley's Mana-thin environment. A faint layer of mist surrounded the fortress walls which added a sense of mystery and solemnity. [7] Shortly after, Netherworld Empire came to an agreement with Shi Feng and they also dispatched their experts to defend the fortress. [8]


The Starlight Fortress's walls are also reinforced by magic arrays which is linked to form a complete array the envelopes the entire fortress and strengthens allied forces within. When the magic array is activated, only Tier 5 beings would be able to break it. [9] The fortress also has an auto-repair feature, which will repair any damage done to its walls and gates.[2]

Prominent Locations

  • Fortress Lord's Mansion - In order to obtain ownership of the fortress, the player who received the Starlight Fortress Lord's Token has to challenge the Legacy Trial and pass it. The mansion has five floors in total, three above ground and two underground. Each floor is enhanced by various magic arrays which increase the Mana Density, accelerates Concentration recovery, and accumulate the Double Exp buff. [10]
    • The mansion is enveloped by a magic array which can block attacks from Mythic ranked monsters. Only the player with the Lord's Token can pass through the barrier and grant access to other players. When Shi Feng attempted to open the mansion, a dark-purple, fourfold magic array appeared on the mansion's main door. [3][11]
    • There is also a Gold Legacy Gate that leads into the Legacy Trial. It was eight meter tall, and golden in color. When it was opened, an ancient aura gushed from within the doors and radiated a sacred aura that tamed the nearby ambient Mana. There were divine runes and images engraved on the doors that were indiscernible to Shi Feng and team. It contains a full legacy left from the ancient times and would provide great assistance to players in controlling and unlocking their Mana Body. [11]
  • Legacy Room - The Legacy Room is the core of a Fortress Lord's Mansion and only players who have obtained the rights to control the mansion can use it. Moreover, due to Shi Feng getting the Silver Mark, the room can be used 12 times a month and each player can only enter again after a natural month. The Legacy Room allows a player to experience the 100% potential of their Mana Body for 5 minutes.[12]
  • Mana Training Rooms (Total of 32 rooms) - Players can practice both Combat Techniques and Mana Control, as the rooms increase the efficiency of training. [12]
  • Fortress's Main Office - Located on the third floor of the mansion, and the resting place of Osset, the administrator of the Fortress. [13]
  • Fortress Prison - A special function available in all fortresses which is protected by an incredibly powerful defensive magic array that can even prevent Tier 5 players from entering. When the ruler of the fortress imprisons a player, they will have to fulfill their sentence or the prison itself is destroyed. Even if players kill themselves, they will respawn back in the cell. The maximum duration of imprisonment in a Small Fortress is eight days. [13]
    • It has an activation cost of 30,000 Magic Crystals and a daily operating cost of 3,000 Magic Crystals. [14]
  • Summoning Tower - Normally a Gold Privilege in a Medium Fortress, but is a Silver Privilege in the Starlight Fortress. The tower can be used to summon creatures of a similar race from an appropriate medium. The stronger the medium, the stronger the summoned creature would be. Only one creature can be summoned in a month, and only one creature can be maintained at a time. [13] The summoned creature will follow a basic behavioral conditions that can be set by the Fortress Lord. It can be instructed to defend the Fortress Lord's Mansion and serves as a guardian beast for the fortress. The summoned creature will be at the Lord's level and can be nurtured by feeding it resources. The more powerful it is, the more resources required to level up. A daily upkeep for a Tier 5 Demonic Creature is equal to an ordinary first-rate Guild's total daily net profits. [14]
    • It is located on the southern end of the fortress and is a 200 meter tall stone tower.
    • It has an activation cost of 50,000 Magic Crystals and a daily operating cost of 5,000 Magic Crystals. [14]
    • After activating the summoning tower, a run rose from the Lord's token and imprinted itself on Shi Feng's right palm. The rune allowed him to access the tower's large-scale teleportation array and allows him to teleport to the tower even from the Eastern Continent. It has a cooldown of one natural day.
    • In his first summoning, Shi Feng used Heathwaite's Claw, a Legendary material, as the summoning medium. The tower's system analyzed it and identified that it's energy completion was 89% and met the summoning requirement.
  • Divine Tribe's Temporary Residence [15]
  • Starlight Bar - The most popular bar in the fortress and half the size of a football field. [18]
    • When Shi Feng received news that Mythology's people had entered the fortress, they were found in the bar.
  • Large Battlefield - One of the most useful facilities in the fortress, but requires 1.5 million Magic Crystals to be repaired.It functions like a special dungeon on the first floor of the Fortress Lord's mansion, allowing players to fight against all kinds of simulated monsters in the fortress's ancient environment. When training in the battlefield, players would be able to improve their Mana control due to the life-or-death situation they would be put in. [19]


Due to the location of the fortress on the boundary between the inner and outer region, the weakest monster in the area is a Level 105 Lord, and the strongest is a Level 110 Mythic Boss. The fortress itself is protected by numerous Level 110 Great Lord and Grand Lord ranked Elemental Guards which pace atop the walls. The Elemental Guards are capable of launching long-range attacks and have AOE Spells within their arsenal. [20]

Guardian Bosses:


The Elemental Creatures dropped plenty of Level 110 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, Level 110 Secret-Silver Equipment and Set Equipment. [22] The Hidden Blue Set is one of the Secret-Silver Set Equipment that can be found. [22]


  • Netherworld Empire’s members have a 40% discount on all basic expenditures within the Starlight Fortress, including entrance fees. They also have eight of the Mana Training Rooms reserved in the Fortress Lord’s Mansion for 300 Magic Crystals per hour.
  • Starlight Fortress costs a minimum of 30,000 Magic Crystals per day to operate
    • With 200k players residing in the fortress, it garners over 100k Magic Crystals in daily profit after deducting the fortress’s various expenditures
    • After news of a Demon God's Legacy appearing in Star Valley and his victory over the members of Mythology, it caused an influx of players to the fortress, resulting in the player population to near 500,000. The daily net profit was over 250,000 Magic Crystals. [19]
  • The Three Supreme Elements from its surroundings to recreate its original environment
    • The environment wouldn’t only be useful to players trying to unlock their Mana Bodies’ potential. It would also help as players tried to climb through the tiers.
    • As players aimed for higher tiers, they had to have a basic understanding and control of the seven elements. Without this control and knowledge, they’d always be weaker than others of the same tier.
  • Yan Tianxing and Yi Luofei were left to manage the fortress when Shi Feng decided to return to the Eastern Continent with the other members and the Hell Legion. They were also tasked with forming an adventurer alliance while using the benefits of the fortress as an incentive. [23]


Opening of Starlight Fortress (Chapter 2481 to 2483)

When the fortress was finally opened, numerous independent players and superpower players who had been resting outside the fortress, rushed in. There were more than 5,000 Tier 3 players, and many more Tier 2 players. As the superpowers' upper echelons thought of capitalizing on the opportunity to cause trouble, Auerbeck flew out of the fortress and landed beside the front gate. All of the players were suppressed by its aura and before any of them could enter the fortress. MacAffrey appeared and gave an announcement that combat was prohibited within the fortress and any players who broke the rule would be imprisoned in the Fortress Prison for eight days. His warning shocked the superpowers' upper echelons and all of them changed their minds on causing any trouble. MacAffrey followed up his announcement by sharing that players could only remain inside for one natural day, and had to pay a 20 Silver entry fee. Each consecutive day would cost 1 Magic Crystal, and all services in the fortress only accepted Magic Crystals as payment.

After hearing the requirements of the fortress, 90% of the players had left the area, while the remaining 10% entered the fortress. The Storm Heart Adventurer Team was among this 10%. As they entered the fortress, they were surprised to see that the Mana density was extremely high and even contained traces of the Three Supreme Elements. The fortress had just been opened and was slowly reverting to the environment of the ancient times. Excited at this discovery and the chance to improve their Mana Control, Krow decided to make the fortress their temporary base and all their Tier 3 members would develop within the fortress.


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