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First mentioned in chapter 2146, when members of Pride Empire and Sky Dragon House were planning to capture Stone Forest City after it's move to the Bottomless Abyss.


The Sky Dragon House is one of the Fire Dragon Empire's three overlords and a veteran Super Guild. There are far stronger than super-first-rate Guilds.


There exists three other old monsters in the guild that surpasses Sheng Wuji's combat power and are existences that even the Guild Leader must treat with utmost respect. They were rumored to have at least seven pieces of Epic Equipment each. [1]

Name / Account Name Class Role
Sheng Wuji (Meteor Hammer) Monster Level Expert (Domain Realm),

Commander of the Horned Dragon Team [2][3]

Legions and Teams[]

There is a specialised team, the Horned Dragon Team. led by Sheng Wuji, which is said to rival the guild's Main Force. [4]

War Weapons[]


In Shi Feng's previous timeline, the Sky Dragon House had been one of God's Domain's top-ten Guilds. [6]


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