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Forged by Shi Feng in Chapter 134, when he was attempting to forge the Silver Dawn. Due to his usage of Runic Steel and Blacksteel Insignia triggering, the Silver Lake was successfully forged.

Since the Silver Lake was created by Shi Feng for his own usage, it was considered a Personal Exclusive Weapon.


[Silver Lake] (Fine-Gold Rank, One-handed Sword)[]

  • Equipment Level: Level 10
  • Equipment Requirement: Strength 45, Agility 80
  • Attack Power +78
  • Strength +18, Agility +22
  • Attack Speed +1
  • Durability 70/70

Additional Passive Skill - Flowing Shadow

  • Creates an afterimage effect while attacking. Simultaneously, the faster the Attack Speed is, the greater the damage caused. Damage can be increased up to a maximum of 50%.