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First mentioned in chapter 2169, when many Guilds had gathered at Stone Forest City's Candlelight Trading Firm's Branch to discuss potential cooperations with Zero Wing after their victory over Starlink in the Bottomless Abyss


Shining Tiger is a recently-promoted superpower in God's Domain. They are supported by the Radiant Corporation, an international corporation that specializes in the fighting and security industries.

The Guild operates mostly in Glory Empire and controls four other kingdoms. They are ranked near the top among those recently-promoted superpowers, and although they are not as powerful as Starlink, they aren't far off.


Shining Tiger is known to have a complete Refinement Realm Legacy, which allows them to train up their own Refinement Realm experts. [1]

Name / Account


Class Realms Role
Sixteenth Cloud Elementalist Second Vice Guild Leader [2]
Sorrowful Silence Assassin / Blood Warrior

(Peak Legacy)

Domain Realm [3] Monster-level expert [4]

Guild Towns and Cities


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