Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Wiki

As Shi Feng goes through God's Domain, he gains several titles and increases to his social status in the game. This page will be dedicated to noting down all of this information.


Obtained Title Name Title effect
9 Might of a Thousand
  • When this title is in use, allies in a 30-yard radius will receive an attribute increase of 10%.
  • Simultaneously, the title user will obtain an additional effect of Strength +5 and Endurance +5.
72 Demon Hunter
  • A brave warrior and an exorcist of demons who is revered by others. Wherever you go, you will possess a status equal to a Noble. You are the grim reaper who is feared by all beings affiliated with darkness.
  • In a 100-yard radius, monsters affiliated with Darkness will have their Attributes reduced by 10%. At the same time, attacks you deal to monsters affiliated with Darkness will have a 10% increase in damage.
179 Grandmaster's Friend
  • Rewarding Seliora’s Communication Crystal.
  • Seliora’s Favorability increased by 200 points.
  • Reputation in Star-Moon Kingdom +50.
  • Reputation in White River City +300.
393 Sword Blade Saint
  • +20 All Attributes. +15 All Resistances, +15% Attack Power, +20% Attack Speed, +30% All Attributes.
616 Demon Slayer
  • Can suppress dark monsters and gives him a world noble title, meaning he is a minor noble in every city
721 Basic Sword King
721 Swordsmanship Master
  • When using sword-type weapons, Attack Speed increased by 20%. When attacked by sword-type weapons, Evasion +20.
    (You may only use one title at a time. Effects will not stack with other titles.)
752 Basic Grade Tyrant
  • When the title is in use, Fortitude +30, maximum Stamina increased by 20%, and all Attributes increased by 5%.

(Requires 100,000 Immortal Souls to upgrade by one Level.)

881 Dragon Slayer
  • Human Reputation + 10%
943 Trial Hero
  • +10% Titan Holy City reputation, +20% All attributes in Titan Holy City Region, +20% Movement Speed
944 Honorary Citizen of Holy City of Titan
  • Receive the benefits of an Honorary Citizen while in the Holy City of Titan.
  • Allows the player to stay up to five days with each visit to the Holy City.
1003 Spirit Slayer Advanced Title
  • The proof of vanquishing the Immortal. When equipped, this title suppresses nearby Dark Creatures.
  • All Dark Creatures within 200 yards will fear the holder, preventing weak Dark Creatures from approaching. Dark Creatures within 100 yards will suffer a 20% decrease to their Basic Attributes.
  • Holder of the title will also enjoy four-star treatment when interacting with the Adventurer’s Association.
1012 City Protector Advanced Title
  • A hero that has protected the city from the dark forces’ influence.
  • Wielder enjoys the benefits of a major noble in every human city. At the same time, Personal Guards can accept one Epic Quest per week. In addition, Personal Guards receive a 5% increase to the quest success rate.
1275 Star-Moon Kingdom's Count
  • One could possess land of their own.
1357 War God Warrior
  • Provides the player with War God Temple status that is next to the Vice-Temple Lord.
  • Does not need the player to keep performing very difficult quest to increase their War God Temple reputation.
  • Items that require a high amount of reputation from exchanges in War God Temple can be exchanged directly
1471 Shrine Warrior
  • Grants wielder the Ancient Shrines’ favor.
  • Reputation gain increased by 20%, and teleportation fees halved.
1524 Lord of Star-Moon Kingdom
1601 Disintegration User Advanced Title
  • The proof of ownership for the Disintegration Power.
  • Endow Disintegration Power to a maximum of 30 players within a 200-yard radius, increasing their Basic Attributes by 10% and damage by 20%. The magic damage and physical damage they receive will also be decreased by 30% and 15%, respectively.
1759 Honorary Knight
  • Enjoy the authority of a noble when present within any territory ruled by Katie Green.
1983 Bronze Legatee

High Grade Title

  • Reduces the consumption of Concentration and Stamina of Combat Techniques by 20%
  • The player receives a Baron Nobility status in all Empires, Kingdoms, and their Cities and Towns.
2404 Great Magician
  • The Great Magician title increases the player's maximum Concentration by 10%.
  • It also improved Mana control by 10%, which made controlling Mana Body easier.
2792 Dragon Slayer
  • Enjoys the status of a high noble in the various cities of God’s Domain.
  • Basic Attributes and physique would increase by 20% when dealing with Dragon-type monsters in the future.
2890 War God's Envoy
  • Enjoys status of War God Temple Elder in all War God Temples.
184 SS Abyss Legatee System: Congratulations! You have completed the Abyssal Trial and gained the Abyssal Tower's recognition. Rewarding the Abyss Legatee title.
  • With the Abyss Legatee title, you will enjoy status equivalent to a Magistrate in any city in the Stratified Abyssal Realm. In addition, all dark-type monsters within a 200-yard radius of you will be weakened by 30%.

With the Abyss Legatee title, you will enjoy status equivalent to a Magistrate in any city in the Stratified Abyssal Realm.