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First Visit to the Western Continent (Chapter 2444)[]

After settling their affairs on the Eastern Continent, Shi Feng led 9 core upper echelon (which includes Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Cola, ..) to the Western Continent using their Magic Gate at the Demonwolf Mountain Range. Shi Feng paid 20,000 Magic Crystals to teleport the team.

First Encounter with the Divine Tribe (Chapter 2444 to 2451)[]

As Shi Feng led the team to the nearest NPC City on his Thunder Eagle, they came across the conflict between the Azure Chamber of Commerce and the Divine Tribe who were fighting for control over a Grade 3 Demonic Silver Mine. There were tens of thousands of players and even over 100 Tier 3 players involved in the fight. Shi Feng was able to identify Yan Xiaoqian as the commander of the chamber's forces who was defending the mine.

Due to their encroachment of Shi Feng's team, MacAffrey, vice commander of one of the trump card legions of Divine Tribe led a force of several hundred to intercept them. Irritated at their interference, MacAffrey gave them a "friendly warning" and two options: either apologize and hand over 10 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold equipment as compensation, or to suffer an option that they wouldn't like. In turn, Shi Feng returned his warning and instead told them to hand over 100 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold equipment or to suffer a retaliation that they won't like so much. Due to the awkward silence, Cola repeated Shi Feng's words again which reached the ears of those from Azure Chamber of Commerce.

Shocked at their proclamation, MacAffrey commanded those under his command to activate their Magic Scrolls to lock the airspace and the souls of those from Zero Wing while casting several large-scale Combination Spells to obliterate them totally. After bombarding the Thunder Eagle and its passengers, the Divine Tribe members attempted to use Raise Dead Scrolls to resurrect the Zero Wing members so that they could kill them again. However, the scrolls didn't work due to Shi Feng activating Absolute Domain which created a barrier that surrounded the Thunder Eagle and protected it from harm. In retaliation, Shi Feng activated his Flame Domain on the Divine Tribe members, and although they attempted to escape the radius with Instantaneous Movement Scrolls, the scrolls failed due to the Flame Domain magic array absorbing all the Mana in a 500-yard radius and causing spatial distortions. Once the magic array had absorbed enough Mana, towering pillars of fire rose from the ground and incinerated the Divine Tribe members in its radius, even destroying some of the weapons and equipment. Several hundred of the Divine Tribe's Tier 2 players were taken out instantly.

This display of power utterly stunned the rest of the players gathered around the mine, and even Shi Feng was stunned at the power of the Seven Luminaries Ring (Replica) after he had acquired his Mana Body. His original intent was to scatter the players and did not expect the Flame Domain to be so terrifying to rob the entire area of its Mana. Capitalizing on the moment, Shi Feng asked MacAffrey whether he wanted to continue which further enraged the latter. Yan Xiaoqian who had been observing from the mine was shocked at Blackflame further provoking MacAffrey and stated that the Divine Tribe had more than 7,000 members on-site with more than 60 fully armed Tier 3 experts.

Enraged on his provocation, one of the Tier 3 Ranger from Divine Tribe unleashed 3 arrows at Black Flame and Crimson Witch cast a Tier 3 Spell, Manifold Illusions, and imposed it on the arrows, causing them to create an illusion of 12 arrows instead. This reveal of her mastery in Spell Combination, an advanced combat technique that even Domain Realm spellcasters might not be able to master, stunned the onlookers. However, Shi Feng was able to effortlessly deflect the attacks with Lightning Flash. The Divine Tribe members were utterly shocked as that combination attack had the combined power of a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species of the same level, and even MacAffrey had to use a Berserk Skills in order to block the attack. This display elevated their cognition of Black Flame and they labeled him as a peerless monster.

As they contemplated their next action, Light Saint Adolf, one of the Great Elders of Divine Tribe appeared and intervened with the conflict. He ordered MacAffrey to give the requested 100 pieces of Level 100-plus Fine-Gold Equipment to Black Flame and invited his team to Silver Lion City in Silvermoon Empire, which was also the main headquarters of the guild. After that Adolf led Black Flame's team away, the war for the Demonic Silver mine ceased due to the disruption and MacAffrey ordered a retreat while he led the Tier 3 experts to Silver Lion City to demand an explanation from Adolf.

As Adolf and Black Flame's team arrived at Silver Lion City via teleportation, the Zero Wing members were surprised at the tense energy in the city. Divine Tribe members and NPCs from the Adventurer’s Association were patrolling the city and maintaining order. Shi Feng was particularly surprised that many of the experts in the city had a higher Life Rating than those on the Eastern Continent, and Adolf was able to read his thoughts and offered to have a business partnership with Zero Wing. Although Shi Feng was caught off-guard at Adolf's knowledge of Zero Wing's situation, he was quick to capitalize on the situation and raised a condition that if the Divine Tribe assisted in establishing a city on the western continent, he would made them Zero Wing's sole ally. However, the situation of the Western Continent and the frequency of the attacks of Demonic Creature armies was an issue and Adolf hesitated to agree. Shi Feng offered to purchase 3,000,000 Magic Crystals worth of rare materials from Divine Tribe at market price, just for their assistance regardless of the result. This offer tempted Adolf and he agreed to Shi Feng's demands, granting him a 100,000 player army and MacAffrey's legion. He added that if the force lost more than 30% of their count, they would retreat. Both signed a contract and Adolf ordered MacAffrey to lead his legion back to the city.

Capturing the Starlight Fortress (Chapter 2452 to 2458)[]

The Starlight Fortress was Shi Feng's target in order to gain a foothold on the Western Continent. Aided by Divine Tribe, who had sent their Silver Lion Legion and 100,000 expert army, Zero Wing (Shi Feng, Cola, Shadow Sword, Turtledove, Alluring Summer, Yi Luofei, Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, Fire Dance, and Yan Tianxing) was able to capture the fortress with the use of their Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. Shi Feng started off by destroying a section of the walls with the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, that disrupted the magic array protecting the fortress and weakened the strengthening effect on the monsters and Guardian Bosses.

Immediately monsters starting pouring out of the gap, with even the guardian boss Starlight Behemoth making its appearance. It started to release its Domain as it flew towards the flying ship and all the monsters around it were strengthened. As the Divine Tribe's members started to retreat, Shi Feng made his appearance on top of the flying ship and released Miniature World from the Ring of Gospel, sacrificing 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate the ability. The boss's domain was destroyed and it was suppressed, as were the other monsters. Although the behemoth tried to expand its domain again, it failed each time. Shi Feng followed up by activating the Ring of Brillance from the Ring of Gospel, and proceeded to engage the boss as the Divine Tribe's members, empowered by the ring, turned to engage the 50,000 strong army of Elemental Creatures.

Aqua Rose cast her Tier 3 Super Spell, Sea God's Grasp which held the Starlight Behemoth in place, so that the flying ship would launch its Elven Cannon and heavily injured the behemoth. Although the behemoth retaliated with its Tier 4 Spell, Starlight Roar, it only damaged the Magic Shield while the flying ship kited it. Shi Feng used the Bible of Darkness to summon a Level 125 One-horned Demon to tank the behemoth as the flying ship continued to bombard it with its cannons.

After killing the Starlight Behemoth, the first item that Shi Feng found among the loot was the Starlight Fortress Lord's Token that immediately recognised him as the Lord and the system released an announcement of his feat. It was accompanied by news that the fortress would be open to the public in three days. The situation was dire as they had yet to clear the fortress of monsters and three days was too short a time to prepare the defenses.

Legacy Trial (Chapter 2461 to 2468)[]

For the Legacy Trial, Shi Feng and team were warped seperately to a different world and appeared before a sacred, golden mountain that was several thousand meters tall. The mountain emitted an intense pressure that reduces the player's mobility. There was a severe lack in Mana in the area. Shi Feng also experienced a change in his mental state and allowed him to better learn and grow in controlling his Mana Body. Soon the creator, Eliadi appeared in a phantom form to provide the trial details. The trial takers had two days to climb the sacred mountain in order to pass the trial. If at least three of them reached the first shrine, Shi Feng would receive the Starlight Fortress's Bronze Mark, securing his control over the fortress. Eliadi also warned that they could only enter again after a month.

After Eliadi disappeared, three Knights dressed in exquisite armor appeared on the mountain. Each of them carried swords and the weakest was Level 110 and Tier 3. They had fully unlocked Mana Bodies and despite the lack of Mana, they were able to wrap their swords in Mana and started attacking Shi Feng. The knights were fully in sync and released attacks on the power of Great Lords at the same level. Although Shi Feng was able to block their first strike, he was also knocked back slightly. He was able to identify their combat standards as on par with those of the fifth floor of the Trial Tower, and they likely had a Basic Silver rank Mana Bodies.

Shi Feng was able to identify that stronger opponents would appear as one ascended and as long as they survied for 30 minutes, they would be allowed to pass, however that still proved to be difficult. As Shi Feng continued to battle the three knights, he was able to sense their Mana flow and sense how they were using their Mana Bodies. He was slowly able to control the Mana in his Epic ranked Mana Body in a similiar manner, and received a notification that he had unlocked 5% of his Mana Body.

As Shi Feng continued up the mountain, he encountered stronger and large groups of Knight with stronger Mana Bodies and after 7 hours, he was able to reach the first shrine. As he entered, Eliadi appeared before him and radiated an aura that was beyond that of Tier 5 beings. Due to his achievement of reaching the first shrine within nine hours, she offered him a choice from two options. The first option was to survive three moves from her and if he succeeded, they would clear the trial and enter the mountain's second level, and receive one Legacy Guidance. For the second option, he would have to face the shrine's guardian. Victory in that option would only grant access to the second level. Shi Feng decided on the first option since fully unlocking his Epic Mana Body was going to be a difficult task.

Eliadi limited her power to Tier 3 and released her First Sword, Lightshadow. Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon's Power and used Lightning Flash, but was still knocked back, lost his footing, and lost one-fifth of his HP. When Eliadi released her Second Sword, Holy Devour, and it sucked away the Mana within Shi Feng, and released a pressure that made it difficult to move. Shi Feng responded by using Blade Liberation and executed Lightning Flash, but was still sent flying and lost more than 30% of his HP. When Eliadi relased her Third Sword, Holy Annihilation, she rose up above Shi Feng and swung her greatsword down. Unable to move, Shi Feng activated the Disintegration Power from the Disintegration Armor and elevated himself to Tier 4 temporarily, before releasing Void Slash, completed at 100% Completion Rate at the incoming strike. In the next moment, Shi Feng flew out of the shrine and landed at the foot of the mountain, creating a crater that was over three meters deep. Shi Feng had been able to survive due to the Void Shield ability from the Nightwalker's Cape, and it surpised Eliadi.

Impressed with Shi Feng's preformance, Eliadi gave him the reward and the Fortress's Silver Mark which was imprinted on the Starlight Fortress Lord's Token. It made Shi Feng the Starlight Fortress's Silver Lord and granted him access to the fortress's advanced function. Shi Feng was also rewarded with one level. For the Legacy Guidance, she offered to either teach him how to unlock his Epic Mana Body or to learn a Mana Technique. After pondering for a short moment, Shi Feng chose to learn to unlock his Epic Mana Body instead. This fulfilled the hidden trial, Selection of Power that Eliadi had secretly given to him. Impressed yet again at his choice, Elaidi provided both the guidance to unlock his Mana Body and her self-created Mana Technique, Holy Annihilation Technique Legacy. After that, Shi Feng was sent out of the trial.

When he emerged, he saw that five of his companions (Cola, Shadow Sword, Turtledove, Alluring Summer, and Yi Luofei) had already emerged and each of them had benefitted from the experience and unlocked about 70% of their Mana Body's potential. Shortly after, the remaining four (Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and Yan Tianxing) came out after completing the first trial and the best among them, Aqua Rose, had unlocked 95% of her Mana Body. Although the group were disappointed that they weren't able to completely unlock their Mana Body, Shi Feng assured them and led them to the Legacy Room which was unlocked after the party had passed the Legacy Trial. Taking turns to enter the room, each of them were given the opportunity to experience their Mana Body fully unlocked for five minutes.

Incoming Trouble from the Superpowers of the Western Continent (Chapter 2469 to 2479)[]

After setting up the party with the Legacy Room, Shi Feng headed over to Divine Tribe's temporary residence in the fortress to discuss some matters. It was there that he met Fithalia, commander of the Divine Hymn Legion and former Tier 6 God-ranked expert. They warned him of the incoming trouble from the various superpowers and that Netherworld Empire, one of the Five Great Super Guilds were enroute to capture the fortress. They had advised him to surrender part of fortress' shares in order to overcome the incoming trouble. But Shi Feng declined and mentioned that Zero Wing would handle any trouble that came, before leaving the residence.

In preparation for the storm to come, Shi Feng headed over to the mansion's main office in order to gain the Lord's authority and takeover the fortess. There he met Osset, the administrator and true ruler of the fortress. Due to having both a Bronze Mark and Silver Mark, Shi Feng was given a list of privileges to unlock from the Bronze and Silver Category. Within the Bronze category, he was given the choice of a Fortress Prison, Fortress Restaurant, and Fortress Hotel. Within the Silver category, he was given the choice of Manafication Tower, Object Creation Tower, and Summoning Tower. He immediately picked the Fortress Prison and Summoning Tower as his privileges.

After selecting his privilege, he sacrificed 100,000 Magic Crystals to the Lord's token and activated the Summoning Tower. After teleporting to the tower, he decided to use Heathwaite's claw, a Legendary material as a summoning medium. After the tower's system analyzed and identifed that the material met the summoning requirement, Shi Feng proceeded to summon the creature. Purple smoke appeared around the claw and started to devour it. After devouring it, the smoke's aura skyrocketed and was almost as strong as a Tier 5 NPC. Shorly after, the space above the magic array broke and a dark void started growing on top of the altar. The magic array engraved on the altar flashed with silver light before suppressing the void and stablizing the space. Shi Feng was able to identify it as the Void Land and triggered the Epic Quest, Void Cage. After considering his options, Shi Feng accepted the quest and entered the Void Land.

He was able to find the Magic Cage containing the infant Silver Divine Dragon (Auerbeck) quickly, and went to search for the core magic arrays to release the cage. After examining the core magic arrays, and judging that they were too difficult to decode, he took out the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship to bombard and destroy the magic array. As he destroyed the final core magic array, the cage broke after a full day's work and expenditure of almost all his remaining Magic Crystals. Freed from the cage, Auerbeck awoke from his slumber and flew before Shi Feng. Surpised by Shi Feng being able to destroy the cage set by a Goddess, he was bound by an ancient agreement to become his companion, but due to Shi Feng being too weak, it gave him four months to prove himself. Shi Feng was given three chances to attempt the test and if he failed all attempts, Auerbeck would leave. After that Auerbeck formed a contract with Shi Feng and both left the Void Land as it crumbled.

Appearing above the summoning tower in the Starlight Fortress, Auerbeck's appearance brought great fear to the Divine Tribe members who had been busy with establishing hotels and shops. As Fithalia prepared to lure the dragon out the fortress by using the guild's Tier 3 experts as bait, the dragon flew towards their temporary residence. Although Fithalia and team attempted to use Instantaneous Movement Scrolls to teleport away, Auerbeck's domain froze the space around them and caused Spatial Imprisonment. As they sank deeper into anguish, Shi Feng's voice could be heard from the dragon's back. It wasn't long before the various superpowers received news from their bribed spies on the presence of the dragon and Shi Feng's control over it. This caused great hestitation to many of them, and they reconsidered their plans to attack. However, the Hell Legion, Netherworld Empire's strongest legion was enroute to the fortress and ready to conquer the fortress regardless of the dragon.

As Hell Rush led the Hell Legion towards the fortress, the sight of the Mana density and appearance got their attention and they were adamant to capture it regardless of the cost. As Fithalia had contacted Hell Rush earlier to discuss the matter of the fortress, the entire legion was granted access to the fortress. As they entered, they were greeted by the sight of Auerbeck, whose domain gave all them intense pressure and even caused their advanced guild mount, Magic-horned Steed, to kneel and tremble. As they were undergoing the pressure, they also realised that the space around them was locked and they couldn't escape even if they wanted to. The legion immediately activated their Mana Barrier to counteract against the domain's spatial imprisonment and attempted to use return scrolls, but were detered by Shi Feng who had activated 'Miniature World' from the Ring of Gospel, and prevented them from teleporting away while weakening the Mana Barrier. Recognising their defeat, Hell Rush offered to listen to any demands that Black Flame had.

Black Flame led Hell Rush and his vice commander to the Lord's Mansion to further discuss matters, and also brought them towards the Fortress Prision which inspired more fear within them, as the repurcussions of being thrown in prison was deadly to the legion members. As they entered the mansion, Hell Rush cut straight to the point and asked what business Black Flame might have with them. He started by offering a 40% discount to all Netherworld Empire's members on all basic expenditures within the Starlight Fortress, and asked to borrow the entire Hell Legion for a mission. This mission was to enter the Star Valley's God More Regional Dungeon to retrieve an item. Although the offer sounded good to Hell Rush, the dangers and high difficulty of Star Tomb, the Level 100-plus Regional Dungeon was too much of a risk. Black Flame offered to reserve eight of the Mana Training Rooms in the Lord's Mansion for Netherworld Empire. Black Flame even added that even if they failed to retrive the item, the offer would still stand. After considering the offer, Hell Rush accepted the offer on condition that he would pull back his team if they risked annihilation within the dungeon. Both Shi Feng and Hell Rush signed a contract stating that Netherworld Empire's members would enjoy a 40% discound on the fortress's basic expenditures and eight of the Fortress Lord's Mana Training Rooms were reserved, with each costing 300 Magic Crystals per hour. In exchange, Shi Feng would have temporary command of the Hell Legion once inside Star Tomb, and Netherworld Empire would dispatch experts to defend the fortress alonside Zero Wing and Divine Tribe.

Taking on Star Tomb (Chapter 2480 to 2494)[]

It took Shi Feng, his team and the Hell Legion over 10 hours of travel before they arrived at Star Tomb. As they entered the dungeon, they came across large groups of monsters with each having at least 100 Great Lords. Fighting under the gravitational force proved to be a issue and fighting the monsters took longer than expected. However, the loot dropped were more than worth the trouble caused in fighting. Although all the loot was given to Shi Feng due to the agreement between the legion and him, the Exp was sufficient for the legion.

It wasn't long before Hell Rush found the stairs to the second floor, but he was worried about attempting them as there were five Grand Lords protecting the stairs. Shi Feng assured that it wouldn't be a problem as Yan Tianxing, Fire Dance. Aqua Rose, Yi Luofei and Violet Cloud went forward to engage each of the Earthern Chieftain. They started displaying astounding feats of power and Hell Rush was able to identify that they had fully unlocked their Mana Body. He was quick to request for guidance in unlocking the Mana Body in exchange for stationing 50,000 of Netherworld Empire's expert in Starlight Fortress long-term while also supplying various rare materials from the Western Continent. Shi Feng changed the argreement to be the employment of the Hell Legion for one full month instead for the Mana Body Guidance. He assured Hell Rush that they wouldn't fall behind in levels and would also be able to upgrade their equipment over the month. Hell Rush didn't have the authority to accept the deal and reported it to his superiors, Shi Feng's plan was to retrieve the pieces of Solomon's Sword so he had planned to help the entire Hell Legion fully unlock their Mana Bodies before proceeding to the maps containing the pieces.

The team moved on to the second floor and continued to grind for two days. They were able to level up quickly but the Star of Light was no way in sight. At that moment Fire Dance had discovered an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest in her scouting, and the entire team quickly proceeded to her location. However, the chest was located in an ancient temple enveloped by a dark fog. The Hell Legion recognised it as a Demon God's Temptation and warned the players from Zero Wing. Shi Feng was extremely tempted by the treasure chest and recalled a method to circumvent the limitation of not being able to use tools or Berserk Skills in the temple. He had Aqua Rose set up a Starlight Gathering Magic Array around the temple and started to decode the temple's magic arrays. There were a total of seven core magic arrays which were linked and somewhat complex. As he decoded the magic arrays, the more complex it was, and required more Mana and more precise Mana Control. After struggling to decode the last few, he was reminded by Aqua Rose that his Mana control was rough and was similiar to combat techniques, in that Mana operates within certain rules. He was immediately enlightened and activated the memory crystal for the Holy Annihilation Technique Legacy.

As Shi Feng spent about three hours learning and analyzing the Mana flow in the Mana Technique, he had a breakthrough in his Mana control and all the surrounding Mana began to gather around him. The Mana was so dense that it formed a layer of mist around him. Shortly after, he was able to decode the final core magic array around the temple. The layer of black fog around the temple began to dissipate and the gloomy atmosphere was lifted. His success excited the Zero Wing members but also shocked the Hell Legion members. However, the situation was short-lived as a seven-meter-tall figure in pitch-black armor, a horned helmet and a pitch-black axe emerged from the temple. It was a phantom of Demon God Atlock, which was Level 120 and a Mythic ranked monster.

When the Demon God's phantom appeared, Shi Feng summoned Anna who proceeded to summon a Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie. Shi Feng also activated the Ring of Gospel's Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance to suppress the Demon God and bolster the summon. However, the phantom was able to stop the Miniature World's projection 100 yards from it, and prevented the suppression. Astonished at the turn of events, Shi Feng used the Hero's Tome and summoned Arslet who was now Level 131. Both summons engaged with the phantom, while Shi Feng activated Heavenly Dragon's Power and charged towards the treasure chest. As he activated the chest, both summons had been thrown against one of the temple's walls and had received visible wounds.

The phantom was enraged and formed a ball of silver fire on his hand which grew to the size of a two-story building before it was hurled at Shi Feng. Both summons used their strongest moves to block the attack and was successful. However, the phantom was enraged and released its unique Mana Technique which caused numerous spatial tears to appear around the summons and was on par with Eliadi's Holy Annihilation Technique. Both summons were heavily injured and Shi Feng came face to face with the phantom, and activated the Seven Luminaries Ring (Replica)'s Absolute Domain. It seemed impossible to block the attack but Shi Feng broke through to the Intermediate Master Magician and was able to manipulate the magic array of the ring, strengthening it and blocking most of the attack, leaving Shi Feng with less than half his HP. The phantom proceeded to create a Black Hole on his axe which had incredible gravitational pull and started to twist space around it as it grew in size. Shi Feng only had six seconds left to unlock the treasure chest and was left with no defenses, as the phantom sent the black hole flying towards him. He took out a Crimson Dragon Flying Ship from his bag and using a Tier 4 Defensive Magic Scroll to bolster the ship's defense, he used it to forcifully take on the oncoming attack. The attack consumed the Tier 4 magic barrier and quickly depleted the ship's durability from 5,000 to less than a hundred, before it expired. The treasure chest was successfully unlocked and Shi Feng managed to grab half of its contents before he made his escape with a Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Scroll. This infuriated the phantom who grew to Tier 5 and unleashed an intense wave of power which affected the Hell Legion which had been far away from the temple. It created a Spatial Gate and chased after Shi Feng, who had used the Disintegration Armor to reach Tier 4 and Gale Domain to fly towards the dungeon's exit. However, before it made it to 2,000 yards, the spatial gate appeared in his path and unleashed a Tier 5 Curse, Extinction Flames which affected a 4,000 yard radius. Shi Feng used Space Movement to teleport back to the Zero Wing members and Hell Legion members, created a Spatial Gate to the first floor of the Star Tomb. When the combined party left the dungeon, Shi Feng received a system notification that he had activated the Legendary Quest, Demon God's Wrath.