Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Wiki


Name Type Rank Acquis
Abyssal Blade One-Handed Sword Fragmented Legendary 9
Silver Moon Set Equipment Armor Set Bronze 68
Scorching Heart Ornament Bronze 203
Warfire Set Equipment Set Equipment Bronze 422
Ring of Gravity Ring Mysterious-Iron 5
Ring of Nothingness Ring Mysterious-Iron 67
Runic Ore Bag Ore Bag Mysterious-Iron 237
Wind Extinguisher Set Set Equipment Mysterious-Iron 215
Crimson Blade One-Handed Sword Secret-Silver 30
Dark Pursuer’s Cape Cloak Secret-Silver 81
Unnamed Pauldrons Pauldrons Secret-Silver 107
Shadow’s Blessing Necklace Secret-Silver 143
Azure Ocean Crystal Bottle Alchemy Equipment Secret-Silver 849
Blacksteel Insignia Tool Fine-Gold 95
Silver Lake One-Handed Sword Fine-Gold 134
Blood Refining Cloak Cloak Fine-Gold 704
Abyss Pendant Necklace Fine-Gold 869
Magic Light Set Set Equipment Fine-Gold 1018
Detection Crystal Ball Tool Fine-Gold 1679
Flame Demon's Crown Head Fine-Gold 1848
Lightning Combat Boots Plate Boots Fine-Gold 1998
Blazing Meteor Throwing Weapon Dark-Gold 179
Flame Boots Plate Boots Dark-Gold 208
Demonbane One-Handed Sword Dark-Gold 265
Purgatory’s Shadow One-Handed Sword Dark-Gold 234
Dragonclaw Set Equipment Set Equipment Dark-Gold 466
Blood Refining Crystal Tool Dark-Gold 703
Shadowmoon Set Set Equipment Dark-Gold 1313
Thunder God's Charm Necklace Dark-Gold 1511
Book of Undying Item Dark-Gold 1786
Magic Refining Hammer Forging Tool Dark-Gold 1959
Howling Thunder Throwing Weapon Dark-Gold 1998
Philosopher’s Stone Special Item Epic 40
Broken Steel Forging Design Blade Saint Exclusive Set Equipment Epic 384
Heart of Icarus Necklace Epic 426
Thunder Slaying Sword / Killing Ray One-Handed Sword Epic 724
Angry Tyrant Pauldrons Epic 1091
Netherworld Brilliance / Nether Shine One-Handed Sword Epic 1172
Annihilation Shoulder Pads Shoulder Pads Epic 1159
Soul Orb Item Epic 1204
Ancient Weather Book Tool Epic 1236
Space-time Herb Garden Tool Epic 1236
Spatial Bag Item Epic 1400
Intermediate Azure Source Stone Utility Epic 1444
Seven Luminaries Sacred Scripture Utility Epic 1483
Bracelet of TIme Tool Epic 1758
Pandora's Rubik's Cube Utility Epic 1761
Hurricane Set Equipment Tier 1 Swordsman Set Equipment Epic 215
Armas's Eye Necklace Epic 1806
Fire Spirit Tool Epic 1947
Bronze Legacy Orb Tool Epic 1983
Twilight Blade One-Handed Sword Epic 2060
Ancient God's Literature Fragment - Page V Utility Epic 2210
Disaster Blade One-handed Sword Epic 2583
Sacred Beast Statue Unique Item Epic 2762
Heavenly Dragon’s Breath Ring Fragmented Legendary 160
Seven Luminaries Ring (Replica) Ring Fragmented Legendary 298
Bible of Darkness Special Item Fragmented Legendary 618
Ring of Gospel Ring Fragmented Legendary 1312
Evil God Stele Fragment Special Item Fragmented Legendary 1382
Evil God's Eye Special Item Fragmented Legendary 1697
Fate Ring Ring Fragmented Legendary 1905
Giant’s Holy Stone Special Item Fragmented Legendary 2010
Falling Fire Orb Special Item Fragmented Legendary 2121
Holy Grail Item Legendary 515
Moloch’s Ring Ring Legendary 599
Nightwalker's Cape Cape Legendary 1251
Destruction Armor/Disintegration Armor Plate Armor Legendary 1537
Philosopher's Hand Item Legendary 1742
Dragon Summoning Flute (Replica) Tool Legendary 2066 
Light of Two Worlds One-Handed Sword Legendary 2792
Sword of Solomon One-Handed Sword Legendary 2916
Augustus’s Damaged Heart Material Inferior Divine 2499
Ancient Tree of Life's Sapling Item Fragmented Divine 2546
Scorching Eye Material Inferior Divine 2890
Ancient God’s Blood Consumable Inferior Divine 2899
Divine Power Source Material Inferior Divine 2899
Ancient God's Eye Consumable Divine 2899
Winter of Eternal Night One-Handed Sword Fragmented Legendary SS 30

Special Rank Items[]

Eternal Items[]

Secret Technique Tablets[]

Mysterious Flames[]


Magic Weapons[]

Mounts and Ships[]

Land Mount[]

Flying Mount[]

Flying Ship[]



Seven Supreme Treasures[]

  • Soul Orb (Fragmented Legendary Rank, Utility)/treasure of illusion.
  • Bracelet of Time (Epic Rank, Utility)/treasure of time.
  • Purification Crown (Fragmented Legendary Rank, Utility)/treasure of fire.
  • Treasure of wind. 2915
  • Shi feng has 4 treasures as of 2917.



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