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God's Domain, here I come.

—Shi Feng entering God Domain, Novel Chapter 1

Shi Feng(石峰) also known as Black Flame(黑炎) or Ye Feng(夜锋) is the main protagonist of the Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God novel.


In the beginning, Shi Feng had a very frail and skinny build. As the story progresses, due to his efforts in working out, he gains more muscles and his figure becomes more athletic.

In the game, his appearance normally changes based on his equipment, however for his Black Flame disguise, he is normally seen in a suit of black armor, with a cloak draped over his shoulders.

He wears a six-winged Mysterious-Iron ranked Guild Emblem.


Due to his previous life experience, Shi Feng is able to maintain calm in all circumstances and is slow to anger. Having known the intricate details of God's Domain, it's development, and players with great potential, Shi Feng was able to gain an edge over other players and recruited or establish relations with many of those players.


Real World[]

Shi Feng starts out as an untrained fighter and acquires control over Internal Force allowing him to have better control over his physical body and increased brain comprehension skills. This is reflected in God's Domain.

As he progresses through the realms in God's Domain while strengthening his body with Nutrient Fluids, he is able to combine the principles of the Refinement Realm and Truth Realm in the real world, which is recognized as Neutralization, marking him as a neutralizing grandmaster. When he fights in the real world, he is able to neutralize any incoming force and redirect it for his purposes. His senses have been enhanced drastically, allowing him to react in superhuman ways to oncoming attacks. [18]

God's Domain[]

Shi Feng has high observational and fighting abilities. He has exhibited superior comprehension abilities as he is able to master new techniques and skills in a short manner of time.

His growth in the story can be summarized as exceptional. When he started the game, he was able to advance in the Realms of Refinement until the Domain Realm, in a short span of a few months. His progress in the Realms of Truth has been amazing, as he has also entered the Ascension Realm. This has allowed him to exhibit greater control over constructs and summons, allowing him to perform better. [19]

He has proven himself to be a competent commander and capable strategist in the numerous Guild wars he has led Zero Wing and Asura Adventurer Team in.

When he was promoted to a Tier 3 Blade Saint, he managed to complete an Advanced Epic Mana Body with a 91% Completion Rate. This greatly bolstered his Stamina and Concentration recovery rate, better control of the Mana in his body, greater defenses, and allowed him to develop a Prototype Domain which allowed him to control the ambient Mana in a 50-yard radius. [20]

After using Augustus’s Damaged Heart and the Eternal Energy within, he was able to fully unlock his mana body with help from the Mana Body Legacy that Eliadi had awarded him. [21]


Shi Feng was working with a workshop known as Shadow Guild before reincarnating ten years prior to joining that organization. Due to a disagreement in Shadow joining the World Dominators Guild, he was fired, forced to delete his Level 200 Sword King Character, and given 5 million as compensation. Later he was reincarnated back to his past self when God's Domain had just launched. Using the information of the future, he decided to rewrite his path to a better one.

Due to his actions of wielding the Evil God Sword of Inheritance in the Flame Demon's Valley, he obtained the wrath of the Fire God, and its guardians will always hunt him down when he enters the Fire God's territory. [22]


“Oh, right. I forgot to mention one more thing to you guys. Anyone who joins my team has to keep in mind one important thing; if you constantly mind how others look at you, you will never truly improve your own strength and techniques. You don’t have to care how others look at you. It is enough as long as you advance on the path that you wish to take. Only with that can you become a true expert.”[23]


  • Secret Pavilion ranking lists 481st (One-hit Asura)[24] => 51st (Sword King)[25] => 31st (Sword King)[26] => 14th (Sword King) [27] => Top 30 (Sword King) [28]
  • First player to kill a Chieftain monster.[29]
  • First player to successfully forge Secret-Silver equipment
  • First player to be promoted to an Intermediate Apprentice Forger
  • First player to be promoted to an Advanced Apprentice Forger
  • First player to be promoted to an Advanced Forger[30]
  • First player to become a lord in Star-Moon Kingdom - Rewarded with 30,000 Guild Popularity, 1 City Teleportation Array Design and the "Star-Moon Kingdom's Count" title.[31]
  • First Epic rank adventurer[32]
  • First person to eliminate an Evil God Apostle[33]
  • First Kill of the Ancient Shrine Protector[34]
  • First player to complete the Asura-rank Entrance Test.[35]
  • First Kill on Baphomet, the Guardian Boss of Dark Sin Canyon.[36]
  • First player to become an Intermediate Master Forger in Star-Moon Kingdom. [37]
  • Completed the Monarch Crusade Quest for Heathwaite. Rewarded with the Lord's Token for Cold Spring Canyon, Level +1, Star-Moon Kingdom Reputation +300, Guild Popularity +10,000 [38]
  • First player to become a Lord in God's Domain. Rewarded with Lord Popularity +100. Congratulations! For acquiring 100 Lord Popularity Points, you have been promoted to a 1-star Lord. [39]


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