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First mentioned/appeared in chapter 176.

Seliora is an NPC Grandmaster Forger in White River City, she managed to reach the Grandmaster rank after receiving help from Shi Feng, thus the two of them acquired a good relationship with each other.


"In White River City, very few players would know of Seliora's fame. However, that did not mean that Seliora was not amazing. On the contrary, Seliora was known as a genius in the forging world. Seliora had become a Master Forger at a very young age, and she was only a step away from becoming a Grandmaster Forger. However, Seliora preferred to maintain a low profile, so not many people were aware of her existence." [1]
Shi Feng about Seliora

She is presumably at the very least Tier 3, probably even Tier 4, considering her ability to work with a threefold magic array and her possession of at least 2 Fragmented Legendary Items, potentially even 2 legendary items [2]

She met Shi Feng due to a quest given to him by the magistrate of White River City. Shi Feng delivered a letter to her from Weissman and then, using Shi Feng's Book of Forging a Starfire Crystal and a piece of Runic Steel Seliora managed to forge a pseudo-extraordinary ranked Blazing Meteor. Seliora is perhaps the only character through the novel who kissed Shi Feng, however it is unclear whether she kissed him on the lips or on the cheeks. [3]


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