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First mentioned in chapter 654, Sareya was one of the three NPCs guarding Stone Forest Town. He would end up defeated in the conflict over the ownership of the town.


[Sareya] (Great Leader, Professional Mage)

  • Level 60
  • HP 5,500,000/5,500,000
  • Has Tier 2 Spell, [Lightning Storm]


Dropped the Stone Forest Town's Town Token, which gave the player ownership of the town. When a player picks up the token, a marker would appear on them for two hours. The player would be unable to use Return Scrolls and similar items, they would have to survive the duration, otherwise the token would drop upon death.

Dropped about 20+ items:

  • Magic Crystals
  • Reare Materials
  • Town Token
  • Basic Mana Gathering Magic Array Design
  • Level 50 Equipment below Secret-Silver Rank.
  • Key to Stone Forest Town's treasury