First mentioned in chapter 964, Sacred Temple is a Super Guild in God's Domain.


Sacred Temple is a Super Guild that operates in the Eastern Continent. They started developing their naval forces early on and were able to establish a sizeable naval fleet in the Sea's End. [1]



Sacred Temple has the Punishment Legion, which is their assassination legion that has been trained to take down key figures from other superpowers. [2]

Name/ Account


Class Role
Eternal Dead Temple Master
Quiet Melody Elementalist Vice Temple Master [3],

Apex Expert [4]

Uncle Li Assassin Old Monster [5],

Number 1 Assassin in the Guild [6]

Hundred Leaves Elementalist Upper Echelon [7]
Ruthless Sky Swordsman Peak Expert [8]
Blue Jade Prodigy
Scorpion Assassin Peak Expert and personal bodyguard of Hundred Leaves. [9]
Hungry Ghost Ranger Peak Expert,

Member of Uncle Li's Party [10]

Frostbite Berserker Expert,

Member of Uncle Li's Party[11]

Short Clarity Cleric An aide to Hundred Leaves [12]
Lonely Fantasy Tier 1 Summoner Expert Member [13],

Top 5 of the New Recruits [14]


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