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First mentioned in chapter 1236 when Shi Feng reached the third floor trial of the Tower of Falling Stars.


Rhinebeck is an NPC and the Vice Knight Commander of the Sea God's Temple. He is the final challenge for those seeking the Sea God's Legacy. He is a Tier 4 human and possesses the Peak Legacy, Dragon Knight.

In God's Domain, divine temples such as the War God's Temple and Sea God's Temple normally had their own knight divisions. Even these divisions' normal members would be highly influential people in a kingdom, not to mention a vice commander; even the King had to show respect to these individuals.


[Rhinebeck (Vice Knight Commander of the Sea God's Temple)] (Human, Tier 4 Dragon Knight)[]

  • Level 50, HP 19,000,000
  • Rhinebeck has very high intellect due to being a Tier 4 NPC.
  • He has combat power on par with a Mythic ranked Boss.
  • He possesses a Domain and has superior control of it, on par with those of the ancient abyssal monsters in the Fallen Ark. Players who enter his domain will be suppressed and experience immense pressure the closer they get to Rhinebeck.