First mentioned in chapter 1082, when Peerless informed her to lead a team into Zero Wing's Residence in Stone Forest Town.


Red Rain is a peak expert from Pantheon and the Vice Commander of the Red Jade Legion. She is considered a extraordinarily talented genius and was able to become the Vice Commander in just three short years. The current commander of the Red Jade Legion is considering her as his successor.


First appearance: Red-haired beauty, and radiates an oppressive aura


Words like "arrogant" and "confident" described the woman perfectly.


Red Rain has been mentioned to have better combat standards than Nine Kills

Class: Tier 1 Berserker



First appearance:


  • During the guild war between Pantheon and Blackwater against Zero Wing, she exhibited superb combat power and was able to win against a Level 65 Tier 2 NPC, despite being Tier 1 and Level 40, due to the effect of her Magic Weapon. [6]


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