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First mentioned in chapter 256, when Chen Wu was hypothesizing over the possible reasons for Shi Feng's victory over Zhou Yuhu, and mentioned that the realm was similar to experts cultivating themselves into demons.

It was later referred to by Summer Sunshine at the beginning of his fight with Shi Feng.[1]


The Realm of Refinement is a special state that humans are able to cultivate in the RSSG Universe and in God's Domain. Developing in the Realm of Refinement allows one to have enhanced senses and be able to better control their physical body.

Refinement Realm is first fully explained when Shi Feng entered the Refinement Realm.[2]

Realms of Refinement[]

The Realm of Refinement can be broken down into stages: Refinement Realm, Flowing Water Realm, Void Realm and Domain Realm. For most players, they will hardly encounter the realms at all. All players who have achieve certain success in the realms are considered as experts by the game's standard.

Advancing in the Realms[]

In order to advance deeper in the realms, it requires massive effort and strong comprehensive skills. It's been mentioned that experts who reached the Refinement Realm, would be able to breakthrough to the Flowing Water Realm, as long as they are able to observe their enemies action and predict their moves. [3]

In order to breakthrough from Flowing Water Realm to Void Realm, it would require one to be able to switch from focusing on one to many at a time. This advancement is known as a qualitative leap, allowing players to view situations from another perspective. [4]

Realms of Refinement Expert Categorization Description
Half-Step Refinement Realm Half-Step Refinement Realm players can only barely achieve Refinement with their movements, and they can not maintain the state for a long duration.[5]
Refinement Realm


Top-Tier Expert Refinement Realm players have an increased brain activity which improves the five senses, the user's perception of danger, and advanced control over their own body. Whether it is in regards to an enemy’s attack or their own ability to dodge, the ability to control their movements is very precise and refined.[6] This helps increase the player's Skill Completion Rate, Combat Technique learning efficiency, and attack speed by reducing excess movement.[7][8] These players are experts who could single-handedly turn the tides of a battle as they are able to exert the minimum amount of strength to achieve the maximum effect. This is especially notable when players were attacking or dodging. Even when the opponent’s speed greatly surpassing their own, these players could easily dodge their opponent’s attack using the simplest of movements. Not only could they dodge with greater efficiency, but they could also detect their enemy’s weaknesses because of their increased perception.[9] Refinement Realm players can easily defeat non-Refinement Realm players even with 30% higher Basic Attributes.[10] Without an overwhelming Basic Attribute advantage, more than a dozen ordinary experts would need to work together to take down a Refinement Realm expert.[11]
Flowing Water Realm


Top-Tier Expert Flowing Water Realm players can perceive the minute movements and distinguish their opponent's thoughts by observing their opponents. Then anticipate what their opponents are going to do next, determine the attack trajectory and rhythm and in turn react before the opponent acted by carrying out appropriate responses, countermeasures and avoid attacks in advance.[12][13][14] In contrast to Refinement Realm, Flowing Water Realm players can instantly apply all their physical strength in a single slash because of their increased physical control. In turn their attacks receive a huge acceleration which allows the weapon to reach its maximum speed in the shortest amount of time possible.[15] One of the conditions to break through the Flowing Water Realm is an improved perception and accurate judgment of distance.[16]
Void Realm


Peak Expert [17] The Void Realm demands a certain amount of control over one's surroundings. Instead of merely judging the environment through vision alone, one needs to exert their five senses to the very limits and rely on these enhanced senses to determine all movements and possess rudimentary control over a fixed 20 yard radius of their surroundings.[18][19][20][21] In turn it is as if their surrounding is part of their body. In combat they do not have any blind spots [22], their enhanced perception allows them to predict the general attack range of their opponents[23][24] and the attack trajectories of a dozen players with a single glance.[25]The Void Realm, in contrast to the Domain Realm, exhibit 100% of their combat standard with Physique attribute of Tier 1.[26]
Domain Realm


Apex Expert Breaking through to the Domain Realm proves that one has transcended the limits of humanity and reached the state of virtually unsurpassable physical control such that they can even strive towards perfection.[27][28] They are capable of processing all information within their Domain without missing even the tiniest of detail which allows them the capability of taking on multiple players of the same combat standard.[29][30] The gap between a Void Realm expert and a Domain Realm expert is massive.[31] Old Monsters in Superguilds constantly pursue the Domain Realm. However, entering the Refinement Realm is already extremely difficult, not to mention breaking through to the Domain Realm. Those who did so were incredibly rare, even in Super Guilds.[32] Super Guilds have the ability to nurture Domain Realm Experts because they possess a Complete Legacy Space for the Realms of Refinement that they have accumulated over many generations.[33][34][35]

The Domain Realm is divided into three steps, very few are able to break into the second step and even fewer are able to take one more step forward to reach the very apex of God’s Domain.[36]

The Domain Realm's effectiveness and prowess depends on the player's Physique. Physique a hidden attribute directly related to a player's five senses. A Domain Realm Expert with the Physique at Tier 1 can only exhibit 50% of their true combat standard.[37]

Beyond Domain Realm In the Five Great Super Guilds they are as rare as a needle in a haystack and is what makes them different from ordinary Super Guilds. The Beyond Domain Realm is something that old monsters in the Five Great Super Guilds pursue, as the two elders from Miracle say in their confrontation with Gentle Snow. Gentle Snow was later able to defeat a team with 3 Domain Realm experts by herself during the guild reserve competition. A second-step Domain Realm expert couldn't even last 10 moves against Gentle Snow in that same fight.[38]

One of their traits is that they possess remarkable control over their physical body; enough to effectively operate a body of a Nine-headed World Snake - when anyone weaker would have difficulty doing so.[39]

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