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First mentioned in chapter 884, when she accompanied Yuan Tiexin who came to negotiate with Zero Wing.


Purple Jade is a peak expert in Secret Pavilion and considered a peerless genius. Her real name is Wen Hua.[13]


Described as a beautiful, great beauty and peerless beauty.[14][15] Her beauty could stand shoulder-to-shoulder to Gentle Snow.[16]

In the real world, she carries a martial artist's aura and her appearance is only slightly different for her game avatar. In comparison to her appearance in Shi Feng's previous timeline, she was young, immature, and lacked the arrogant aura. However, she carried a cold and indifferent expression.[17]

In the Secret Pavilion's training system she wears purple-red martial artist robes.[18] During the Secret Pavilion Auction, she wore a white dress.[19]

When she made her appearance during the departure of the Secret Chamber of Commerce from Zero Wing City, she appeared as a heroic woman in gorgeous sacred armor. [20]


Competitive and Diligent - Consistently challenges stronger players in order to improve

Calm and patient personality[21], cold and indifferent expression.[22]


Purple Jade has been mentioned to be extremely talented.

Class: Swordsman

  • Promoted to Tier 2
  • Promoted to Tier 3 prior to chapter 2439

Realm of Refinement:

  • Refinement Realm (age 17) [23][24]
  • Flowing Water Realm (Peak) (age 19) [25]
  • Void Realm [26]
  • Domain Realm

Realm of Truth:


Purple Jade has the following equipment:

  • Two Epic Rank Items, One was a sword and the other was a pair of shoes. The weapon was given to her due to her status as the Guild's top genius.[28]
  • Same two pieces of Epic Rank items as the previous appearance and numerous piece of Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment, with the weakest being a Level 45 Dark-Gold equipment.[29]

Personal Achievement


In Shi Feng's previous timeline, Purple Jade had been popular for her beauty and had many admirers. She had been the user of the Advanced Combat Technique Void Steps, which inspired Shi Feng to learn it through her battle videos. [33]

Current Timeline

When she was introduced, Purple Jade was a peerless genius groomed by the Secret Pavilion. Many of the guild's upper echelon and old monsters valued her for her talent, and heavily invested in training her thus her status was on par with the Guild Elders.

Although she joined the Secret Pavilion at a later age than Cold Autumn, who was the top genius at that time, she was able to surpass him under the training of the guild and took the status as top genius. [34][35] She had reached the Refinement Realm ahead of many of her peers (such as Gentle Snow and Cold Autumn) and she was labelled as one of the Three Great Geniuses of the Secret Pavilion. [36][37][38] As one of the great talents of the Secret Pavilion, Yuan Tiexin often took her on field trips to teach her about the various organisations, experts and true monsters of the Virtual Gaming World.[39]

At the age of 19, she was already at the peak of the Flowing Water Realm and it was mentioned that she broke through to the Void Realm in a later chapter. [40][41] She was able to break through into the Truth Realm by observing and studying Shi Feng's battles. [42]

Sequel/Alternative ending

In the sequel, she managed to reach the Great Mental strength Grandmaster level (Also called the Extraordinary Realm) in real life even without gaining access to the greater god's domain, thus displaying an incredible talent. [43] She also managed to come in 7th place (The five great super guilds's old monsters weren't counted) in the 3rd floor of the God's Domain's Association's Temple trial, with a clearing time of 26 minutes and 31 seconds. [44]

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