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First mentioned in chapter 563.


Phoenix Rain is the Pavilion Master of Phoenix Pavilion, which is part of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.



Phoenix Rain has been mentioned to be cunning. In Shi Feng's previous timeline, she was regarded as strong and smart as she led the Phoenix Pavilion. She a country-toppling beauty, but she also possessed an absolute strength that allowed her to step on apex experts. She had been given the "Demon Queen" title as a result of the band assassination's attempt by the multiple apex experts.

At the beginning of her partnership with Shi Feng, she was doubtful about the benefits she could get back from Zero Wing, but time and time again her expectations were exceeded and surpassed. This has allowed her to trust in Shi Feng's promises and allowed her to maintain a calm state of mind when working together.


Level Tier Chapter
Level 49 Tier 1 1483
Level 103 Tier 3 2430


Class: Elementalist[]

  • Promoted to Tier 3 on a high-difficulty Tier Promotion quest. [5]

Realm of Refinement:[]

  • Domain Realm


Combat Techniques:[]



When news of Miracle Guild mobilizing 30,000 members to attack Zero Wing on Karna Island, she was quick to prepare the fleets under her to depart to assist them. However, under the orders of Ku Rong, she was informed not to interfere with the matter. Due to the pavilion's relationship with Zero Wing, who had many enemies, they were to turn a blind eye to not draw the irk of the superpowers. The defiance of the order would lead to Nine Dragons Emperor taking over the management of Thunder Island. At this point, she received the report from her spy in Miracle Guild, and she happily compelled with the Pavilion Master's orders. Zero Wing had been able to take down the entire force of 30,000 members without any survivors.


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