First mentioned in Chapter 2727, when Shi Feng fought Prosciutto. That time no-one knew that Shi Feng already was Sword Emperor, but Odin expose it to audience. "Odin, was one of Mythology’s three Grand Elders. Even Mythology’s Guild Leader had to obey his words."[1]


"White-cloaked man of indiscernible age. Moreover, despite the man clearly standing in midair, it was as if no one could perceive his existence in their mind. Everyone looking at him ignored his existence automatically."[2]

Past life:

"Not only was Odin an invincible existence even among Tier 6 God-ranked experts, but fighting enemies of a higher tier was also commonplace for him. In the past, Odin had fought against a Tier 5 NPC while he was still Tier 4. In the end, their battle had not only ended in a draw but even leveled an entire NPC city."[3]

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