First mentioned in chapter 2469, when Fithalia met Black Flame and warned him of the incoming danger of various superpowers of the Western Continent after they had conquered the Starlight Fortress.


Netherworld Empire is one of the Five Great Super Guilds, and operates primarily on the Western Continent. The guild has inspired great fear on the western continent due to operating method which was different from social norms or logic, and was known as a gathering of lunatics. They had already annihilated one superpower in God's Domain. [1]


Name Class Realm Role Title
Relos Grand Elder Nether King[2]


  • Hell Legion - Strongest Trump Card Legion, consisted of 300 Tier 3 players with superior combat standards on par with Grand Lords of the same level. Led by Hell Rush. [3]
List of Members
Name Class Realm Role
Hell Rush Commander of the Hell Legion [4]
Thunder Beast Member of Hell Legion [5]
Black Wolf Tier 3 Ranger Member of Hell Legion [6]

War Weapons, Ships, etc

Guild Mount

The Guild Mount is the Magic-horned Steed, which is an Advanced rank Land Mount. It is the size of an adult elephant. [7]

Magic Arrays

The guild has created their own Mana Barrier which is able to create a domain for a short period of time. When players are within the domain, they are freed from any restrictive effects such as domain from other creatures, or effects from special forbidden lands. The barrier prevents anything from entering once it is formed. [8]


It was mentioned that the Guild Leader has a Fragmented Legendary item [9]

The guild made two deals with Black Flame:

  • Loaning the Hell Legion for a mission to the Star Tomb, in exchange for 40% discount on all basic expenditures within the Starlight Fortress. [10]
  • Loaning the Hell Legion for an entire month in exchange for fully unlocking all 300 of their Mana Bodies at the end of the one month. [11]


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