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First mentioned in Chapter 1181 when they celebrated the Guild's achievement of becoming Storm City's ruler.[4]


Nature Hall 森罗馆 is a first-rate Guild operating in the Storm Empire.[5] They were able to oust the previous overlord, Nine Stars Family, and take over as the overlord. Due to their influence, they were able to get many powerful adventurer teams to join them and with their Silverlight Battle Array, they were able to silence any objections. Many guilds operating in the Storm Empire had two choices, to be annexed or be destroyed.


Within the guild, they have a specialised legion, the Evil Spirit Legion, consisting of 100 Refinement Realm experts and led by Evil Tooth. They are known as the guild's blade and were heavily involved in the war against Nine Stars Family

Name / Account Name Class Role
Nature Manifestation Guild Leader [6]
Deep Thunder[7]
(Abyssal Thunder)[8]
Tier 2 Berserker
Tier 2 Magic Warrior (Advanced Legacy)
First Vice Guild Leader[9]

Former Leader of the Security Team [10]

Owl Life Tier 2 Berserker Eighth Vice Guild Leader[11]
Senior Fan Guild Elder[12]
Jade Qilin Tier 2 Elementalist(presumed) Peak Expert[13]
Evil Tooth[14] Tier 2 Assassin Peak Expert[15]

Commander of the Evil Spirit Legion[16]

Guild Cities, Towns and Residences

Storm City - Main Headquarters

  • Guild Leader's Office - Normally the guild's upper echelon can be found here during discussions with Nature Manifestation.
    • They are twenty Shield Warriors and Guardians who are stationed in the room at all times. At the introduction, they were all Level 64, equipped with hand crafted Level 60 Secret-Silver Set Equipment. Each of them are Refinement Realm experts and are able to use the Silverlight Battle Array [17]

Guild War Weapons, Magic Arrays

Silverlight Battle Array

  • The Silverlight Battle Array is one of Nature Hall's trump cards and used by specialized squads. It allows for 18 players to link together and share their senses with each other, while also increasing their Strength, HP, Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 30%. Any damage taken by any of the members would be shared among the players.
  • It is mentioned that the players who learn the battle array are carefully nurtured and each were close to reaching the Refinement Realm. Known Users: 18 MTs from Owl Life's Squad [18], Nature Manifestation's personal security team, and the members in the Evil Spirit Legion.
  • This was the special trump card that had allowed them to contest against Nine-Star Family and ousted them from their position.


When they were introduced, Nature Hall were establishing their rule over the Storm Empire. They had successfully ousted the previous overlord, the Super-First-Rate Guild Nine-Star Family. Many of the guilds operating in the empire had been given two choices, either submission or destruction. Twilight Echo had been an unfortunate target that had been selected by Nature Hall to be an example of the repercussions of going against them.

Both sides had been involved in a war over a mine that produced Energy Ore and Nature Hall took possession over the town.[19]

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