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First mentioned in chapter 888, when Shi Feng sold ten Bronze Mounts and 2,000 Strengthening Devices to Secret Pavilion Guild for 10 slot of Secret Pavilion's simulation training system.


Miracle is one of the super-first-rate Guild in God's Domain. They are one of the major superpowers operating in the Apocalypse Empire and have also established themselves as a naval power, possessing over five fleets of ships and even a Warship, the Giant Crocodile Warship.

Miracle has established a foothold on both the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent, occuping at least one empire each. [1]


As a super-first-rate Guild, Miracle has many legions under them: Purgatory Legion, Departed Legion (assassination legion) [2], and the Water Ghost Legion (focuses on naval combat)

There are more than 12 Elders in Miracle, and in order to be an Elder in Miracle, one has to be at Void Realm in the Realms of Refinement.

Name/ Account Name Class Realms Role
Shredded Soul Void Realm First Vice Guild Leader
Thousand Miles Domain Realm Second Vice Guild Leader,

Commander of the Purgatory Legion

Silent March Tier 2 Summoner/


Flowing Water Realm Vice Commander of the Purgatory Legion [3]
Alice Tier 2 Elementalist Domain Realm Apex Expert,

Vice Commander of a Trump Card Legion,

Main Force Member

Cleansed Maple Tier 2 Elementalist Void Realm Peak Expert [3]
Starstreak Tier 2 Assassin Void Realm Peak Expert [3]
Miracle Dragon Tier 1 Swordsman /

Magic Swordsman

Void Realm Peak Expert [4]
Wild Aggression Tier 2 Ranger Commander of the Water Ghost Legion
Spirit Ox Tier 2 Berserker Team Leader of the Water Ghost Legion
Nameless Hacker Tier 2 Berserker

War Weapons and Naval Fleets[]


After numerous clashes and losses at the hands of Zero Wing, Miracle finally issued a Red Annihilation Order on the guild. This was the highest-ranking annihilation order in Miracle. [5]


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