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First mentioned in chapter 1148 when Thousand Miles instructed the members of the Evil Dragon Battle Team to toy around with the Asura Battle Team during their Dark Arena match.


Miracle Dragon is an apex expert of the Miracle Guild, and is considered a monster-like expert. He has the title of Sword Freak due to his ability to identify his opponent's weakness after observing them, and launching a series of seemingly crazy attacks to throw them off and strike them down.[2] Miracle Dragon had rose to fame after the Secret Pavilion had evaluated him as the expert closest to grasping a Domain. Due to this reputation, peak experts from various Super Guilds challenged him in order to gain an understanding of their power and the distance towards grasping their own domain. [3]



Miracle Dragon is a confident person. Due to his status as the expert closest to breaking through to the Domain Realm and his ability of weakness observation, he is confident in winning against players on the same realm as him. [4]



Miracle Dragon has gained the ability to observe his opponents weakness in combat, and is able to capitalize on it using seemingly crazy attacks to throw his opponent off and strike them down.

Class: Swordsman / Magic Swordsman[]

Realm of Refinement:[]

  • Void Realm (Close to breaking through) [5]
  • Domain Realm [6]


  • Tier 0 Skill, Wind Blade [7]
  • Unnamed Berserk Skill - When activated, Miracle Dragon's aura explodes from his body and gives off an impression that a fierce beast had woken rom its slumber. [8]
  • Unnamed Tier 3 Sure-kill Skill [9]

Combat Technique:[]

  • Self Created Combat Technique, Swift Sword - One of Miracle Dragon's trademark moves. Miracle Dragon concentrates the power of every muscle in his body into a weapon swing and manipulates it like a whip. This attack is able to exceed the normal speed limit imposed by the system [10]


Miracle prefers to use greatswords in comparison to two one-handed swords. He has the following equipment:

  • Blade of Diaster [12]



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