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First mentioned in chapter 1112, when the team from Zero Wing came across the Midnight Tea Party at Ghost Forest Town.


The Midnight Tea Party is an Adventurer Team that is focused on exploring dangerous locations in God's Domain and challenging difficult content.

In Shi Feng's previous timeline, the team had been renowned as one of the apex powers in God's Domain, alongside Owl. Despite their member count of twenty players, no one wanted to mess with them while Superpowers and Super Guilds making a conscious effort to avoid them. They did not bother with tying themselves down to any territory and were always on the move. Even though several Super Guilds had tried to recruit them, none had ever succeeded.

It was mentioned that once players reached Level 100, it became extremely difficult to join the team, with the minimum requirement being a Tier 3 player with a Gold ranked Mana Body. [1]


Name / Account Name Class Team Position/Job

Breeze Wine

Team Leader
Endless Scars Elementalist Vice Team Leader [2]
Netherworld Wave Assassin Member
Cloud Yarn Cleric Member
Dark War Ranger Member


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