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First mentioned in chapter 946, when Shi Feng entered the Holy City of Titan and went to search for unique Forging Designs.


The Magic Light Set Forging Design is a unique design only available in the Holy City of Titan. It is available in three ranks: Secret-Silver (costing 300 Gold), Fine-Gold (costing 900 Gold) and Dark-Gold (costing 3,000 Gold). Among the three, any player can purchase the Secret-Silver version, while Honorary Citizens or higher could buy the Fine-Gold rank. As for the Dark-Gold version, one needs to be a Titan City noble to buy it.

Shi Feng owns a copy of the Fine-Gold Forging Design and mentioned that is stronger than any Tier 1 Set Equipment, and a Level 45 Dark Gold Set Equipment.

[Magic Light Set] (Forging Design)

Allows players to forge the Level 50, Magic Light Set (total of six set pieces).

At Secret-Silver rank, forging the set needed a minimum of six Mana Stones, with each set piece requiring one. At Fine-Gold rank, the amount of required Mana Stones tripled. At the Dark-Gold rank, the cost rose to insane heights as the set required a minimum of 60 Mana Stones.

Materials required: Mana Stone, emeralds, etc