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First mentioned in chapter 2496 when Shi Feng appraised the loot from the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest that he had stolen from Demon God Atlock.



[Magic Light Pendant] (Necklace, Fragmented Legendary Rank)[]

  • Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 2,000, Vitality 2,100
  • Attributes adjust according to the user's level.

When equipped:

  • All Attributes increased by 35%;
  • Obtain Magic Light Body, increasing physique and Mana affinity by 30%.

Additional Passive Skill 1 - Mana Draw

  • Draws Mana from the environment to recover the user's Mana. The user regenerates 1% of their maximum Mana every 5 seconds.

Additional Passive Skill 2 - Mana Heart

  • All Spell effects increased by 30%. All casting time reduced by 25%. All Spell Completion Rates increased by 5%.

Additional Active Skill - Mana Recharge

  • Forcefully elevates all Spell effects by 1 tier (to a maximum of Tier 5) for 12 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 3 hours