First mentioned in chapter 2445 when Shi Feng and his 10 man team accidentally came across the battlefield between Azure Chamber of Commerce and Divine Tribe who were fighting for control over a Demonic Silver Mine.


MacAffrey is a member of Divine Tribe and the Vice Commander of one of the guild's trump card legions.


MacAffrey has a gigantic body that is three meters tall in God's Domain due to obtaining a special legacy. [3]



Class: Unknown / Special Legacy

Realm of Refinement:

  • Domain realm since he is able to win against Tier 3 Domain Realm experts with his legacy and is the Vice Commander of a Superpower's trump card legion. [3]


  • Mana Eyes - Observation Skill that allows the user to observe the Mana in a target's body as well as their Mana control. [4]


MacAffrey has the following equipment:


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