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First mentioned by Shi Feng in Chapter 1621, when he enters the Demon Town in Boneless Land.


God’s Domain has towns that were left behind by ancient civilizations. Due to their history being lost, they now only had the title of ‘Lost Town’. Lost Towns aren’t the same as ordinary towns, as they each contain their own powers and abilities.[1]

Known Powers and Abilities[]

Lost Town in Boneless Land (Chapter 1623) - Within the city, there is a white-tower with a black pearl on the top of the tower. When entities enter into the 100 yards perimeter of the tower, the black pearl glows with energy before firing beams of black light at the approaching entities. The black beams does damage as well as knock the entities outside the perimeter. The longer the entities stay within the perimeter, the pearl will fire more beams while increasing the power. Shi Feng mentioned that the tower would allow players to improve their combat standards.

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