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First discovered in Chapter 1612 by Shi Feng when he brought the Zero Wing members and Tiger Dojo members to grind for levels. Shi Feng received the Epic Ranked Main Storyline Quest, Demon's Nest, which he completed and he received the Lost Town's Town Order and binding the town to him.[1]

Description - Boneless Land[]

To get to the Boneless Land, one had to cross more than ten high-level maps. If players tried to do so on their Mounts, they'd have to ride for several days and would encounter many Level 100-plus monsters during the trip.

Boneless Land was a barren wasteland, without forests or canyons. Despite the dense fog, visibility in the map was considerably good. One could easily spot roaming monsters from a long distance away.

After Shi Feng obtained ownership of the town, he hired 100 Level 150, Tier 2 NPC guards and 1,000 Level 150, Tier 1 NPC guards[2]. When Shi Feng brought the Zero Wing Main Force to train at the tower, the town had a sizeable NPC living in the town and many of the shops had been renovated. The Mana Density was even on par with Stone Forest Town, and grew more dense as one approached the Extraordinary Tower, reaching the same level as Silverwing Town.

After Shi Feng paid 100,000 Magic Crystals to remove the seal on the Extraordinary Tower's second floor, the Mana Density of the town increased higher than Silverwing Town, with the Mana Density around the tower rivaling that of Zero Wing City. Players who hanged around the town would also receive a Well Rested buff, allowing them to accumulate 15% of the Double Exp Buff after resting for 48 hours.

Prominent Locations[]

  • Extraordinary Tower - A training tower constructed by an ancient civilization. The tower has a total of three floors, each providing training that is more intense than the one before. Passing all three floors would qualify someone as an expert in the Realms of Truth.
  • Zero Wing's Guild Residence[3]

Prominent NPCs[]


Notable Items and Products[]


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