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First mentioned in chapter 1092, when he was meeting both Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor to discuss their progress in God's Domain.


Ku Rong is the current Great Pavilion Master of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. He is normally guarded by two Domain Realm experts.


Ku Rong is a white-haired old man who has a slight hunch.



Class: Summoner

Realm of Refinement:

  • Domain Realm [3]


Ku Rong has the following equipment:


When he was first introduced, he was having a meeting with both Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor to discuss their progress. He paid some attention to Zero Wing as both parties were involved with it, one with investment in mind and the other with destruction. He reprimanded Phoenix Rain, telling her to focus on the Thunder Island instead of wasting time on a small guild. He followed up by announcing the succession criteria for the next Great Pavilion Master of Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, whoever took control of Thunder Island first. [5]

Great Pavilion Master Meeting

When the upper echelon and Elders of the pavilion were gathered for a discussion of the next Great Pavilion Master, he made his appearance at the meeting and recommended Nine Dragons Emperor as his successor. However, Shi Feng (Blackflame disguise) objected. When his qualifications to object were called into question, he revealed a trade agreement with Phoenix Rain for 100 Bronze Storm Speedboat. Ku Rong tried to appease him and apologized on behalf of Martial Dragon who had been the main source of identifying Shi Feng's lack of authority to object. Shi Feng accepted his apology but requested that Martial Dragon apologized as well. Due to his pride, Martial Dragon rejected and Shi Feng revealed his level (100) to make everyone recognize that Zero Wing was not a pushover. When Ku Rong suggested for Martial Dragon to apologize, Blood Oath interrupted him and managed to suppress Shi Feng's request as well as minimize Martial Dragon's mistake. After identifying himself, Shi Feng raised issues with the War Blood Adventurer Team for ambushing Blue Phoenix and sought recompense from him. When Blood Oath refused to apologize, Shi Feng mentioned that he would drag him forward to do so. Immediately, Ink Feather and the other 3 bodyguards of Blood Oath swung out to attack him, however, their efforts were in vain and Shi Feng had his sword at Blood Oath's throat in a blink of an eye. Although Blood Oath tried to escape using Twofold Berserk, Shi Feng was able to overpower him and force him to bow his head to Blue Phoenix. He was killed in the process. Due to the various incidents that had happened, Ku Rong postponed the decision of his successor, choosing to wait for the outcome between Zero Wing and War Blood. [6]

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