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Internal force (暗劲 lit. Dark Force) was an advanced combat technique. It was not a myth or a legend, and it was not a superpower. In the past, in order to learn this technique, Shi Feng had spent many years consulting several martial arts masters, constantly training and refining his skills in God’s Domain. Only after he finally achieved a certain level of control over his own body could he perform this technique.

Although internal force granted vast destructive power, it was also extremely taxing on the body.

Internal Force is a form of improving one's control over their physical body and enhances one's comprehension and brain activity. Most professional fighters and martial artists aim to achieve mastery in it, but only a handful are able to achieve it.

Realms Titles
Internal Force (暗劲) Master (大师)
Energy Transformation (化劲) Grandmaster (宗师)
Mental Strength Master (精神大师)
Mental Strength Grandmaster (精神宗师)