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First mentioned in chapter 1890,


Illusory Words is the Second Vice Guild Leader of Crimson Emperor. She has been recognised by the Secret Pavilion as one of the Ten Great Clerics of God's Domain. [4]


Illusory Words is tall, has a slender figure and radiates a mature charm. [5] She also has a crisp and pleasant voice. [6]



Level Tier Chapter Details
1890 Introduction
68 2 2158
105 3 2509 In the Dark Den


Class: Cleric

  • Promoted to Tier 2 prior to her following appearance. [7]
  • Promoted to Tier 3 in her next appearance. [8]

Realm of Refinement:

  • Domain Realm [8]


She is capable of double-casting a Tier 2 and a Tier 1 Spell at the same time. [9]

  • Tier 1 Spell, Recover
  • Tier 2 Spell, Healing Light


Illusory Words has the following equipment:

  • 1 Epic Weapon, 2 pieces of Epic Equipment, and a complete set of Level 105 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. [8]

Flying Mount: Horned Eagle [10]


In chapter 2509 to 2510, Illusory Words was leading a 100-man team filled with Tier 3 experts. Each of them were equipped with at least Level 105 Secret-Silver equipment. The weakest among them was at Flowing Water Realm, with many of them at Void Realm. They had arrived at Extreme Light Shelter to help defend its Teleportation Gate from other superpowers. They were offered 30% of the 1,000 slots on the successful defense of the gate.

In chapter 2511 to 2518, Illusory Words was spectating the fight between Zero Wing and the Demon Players from the Sentinel Shelter. Zero Wing had killed most of their enemies but the enemy commander, Troubled Times, had escaped with a Boundary Breaker Scroll. Just as they were discussing of chasing after Troubled Times, Illusory Words flew over and informed them that he had run off to Demon City, a Guild City of Demon’s Heart Guild.


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