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First mentioned in chapter 2359 when Blackflame had just killed Prideful Brute at the entrance of the Dark Hills checkpoint managed by the Azure Chamber of Commerce.


Hermit is one of the old monsters of the Azure Chamber of Commerce. He holds the title of Grand Elder in the chamber and is both the manager and protector of the Dark Hills. He does not belong to either of the main families of the chamber and is Azure's secret enforcer, who is in charge of assassinating any parties that wish to bring harm to the chamber. He is a stickler for the chamber's rules. He is one of the strongest players in the chamber and also ranks among the top 10 players of the Flame Dragon Empire.[3]


Hermit is a middle-aged man and has a refined appearance. He is mentioned to have an indifferent expression most of the time.



Class: Assassin[]

Realm of Refinement:[]

  • Domain Realm [4]




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